Millennium Wheelchair Lift Frequently Asked Questions

The Millennium Series wheelchair lift design is among one of our first lift designs. Through iterations and optimizations, the Millennium Series design is a powerful lift with a strong and stable lifting platform. What sets the Millennium Series lift apart from the pack? See our most frequently asked questions about the Millennium lift here.  

What are the advantages of using a Millennium lift?

Millennium Series lifts are designed with a hydraulic roll stop cylinder which allows the outer barrier to open once the pressure releases off the cylinder. This lift does not rely on applied weight to unlock the barrier. The Millennium lift is not limited to level surfaces and can adapt to uneven or rough terrain. In a mountainous area, the lift will open for entry or exit on the platform but the occupant and attendant must use caution if the lift is not touching the ground at the outer barrier.

Can the lift be ordered with the pump on either side?

Yes, The 'IB' or 'FIB' in the VIN designates which side the pump will be located. The IB is a pump on the left side as your looking into the vehicle or towards the rear of the vehicle. FIB is on the right looking into the vehicle or towards the front of the vehicle. The ability to choose the pump location helps to fully customize your mobility solution to your needs. 

Why would it make a difference on what side of the lift the pump is located?

If you're installing a lift in the side door of a van or bus and there is a seat or floor mounted heater or air conditioner in the way, you'll need the pump to be on the opposite side so the lift can be more easily serviced.

What is the weight capacity of the Millennium lifts?

Millennium lifts are rated at 800 lbs. This lift cannot be ordered with a 1000 lb lifting capacity.

What are your available platform sizes?

This lift comes in a 33-inch, 34-inch and 37-inch wide platform and a standard length of 51 inches. The NL917 model can be ordered with a 54-inch length platform for wheelchairs with a larger wheel base.

Listed below is an outline of the lift model number breakdown and description to aid in your shopping and ordering process.

Example: NL917IB-2

Model Number broke down    




NHTSA Compliant          

All BraunAbility lifts for human transport NHTSA Compliant





Model Series

This series uses for special order lifts


Inboard Barrier

Pump on left if looking outside to the inside vehicle


Front Inboard Barrier   

Pump on the right if looking outside to the inside vehicle


Tower Brackets

Upper tower support brackets (normal rear-entry)


Non-Electric Lift

Microswitches and NO computer boards


Platform Size

Special order


Hand Belts

Adds 6 inches to the door height requirement


Raised Pump

Pump up higher on the lift to have room for a stepwell


Lift Tight

Put on inside of the platform. Used for narrow door


Yellow Paint

Barriers painted yellow