Commercial Wheelchair Lifts from BraunAbility®

Accessibility Solutions for Paratransit, Motor Coaches, and Cutaway Buses

BraunAbility offers several expertly-designed wheelchair lifts and ramps that are engineered for long-term durability and reliability. A full line of BraunAbility parallel arm lifts is also available for both cutaway and paratransit vehicles. BraunAbility also offers under-the-vehicle lifts (UVL) and bi-fold ramps for cutaway buses. All BraunAbility Wheelchair Lifts are NHTSA-approved and offer easy service and repair.

Commercial wheelchair lift

Century 2 Wheelchair Lift

With dual hydraulic lift arms and a design that has withstood the test of time, the Century 2 Wheelchair Lift1   offers all of the benefits of a BraunAbility wheelchair lift in a streamlined, economical package.

Commerical wheelchair lift

Millennium 2 Wheelchair Lift

The Millennium 2 Wheelchair Lift1   is the true workhorse of the BraunAbility line. Those who appreciate a strong, stable lifting platform can choose this wheel chair lift series with confidence. The Millennium 2 offers thoughtful features, such as a hydraulically operated roll-stop. Of course, BraunAbility's time-tested durability is standard.

Commerical wheelchair lift

Vista 2 Wheelchair Lift

The Vista 2 Wheelchair Lift   offers standard BraunAbility safety, quality, reliability, and durability in a unique stacking platform that does not block driver and passenger visibility through the vehicle windows.

Commerical wheelchair lift

NL500 Wheelchair Lift

BraunAbility offers several wheelchair lift models1   to address the specific needs of motorcoach manufacturers, including the NL500M24 and NL501-24. Since motor coach lifts are very specific to the application, we recommend that you contact your nearest BraunAbility Commercial dealer for details.

Commerical wheelchair lift

NUVL855 Wheelchair Lift

The UVL855 wheelchair lift1   is an expertly-designed lift for commercial use. Mounted in the step or other dedicated compartment of the bus, it stays out of sight and out of the way until called upon. The UVL855 wheelchair lifts are fully automatic and operated by an attendant using a hand-held control.

Wheelchair lifts from BraunAbility come with the BraunAbility “Worry-Free” Limited Warranty and unmatched product and repair support.