BraunAbility Commercial Wheelchair Lifts and Ramps for Paratransit Vans & Cutaway Buses

Explore our full line of NHTSA-approved parallel arm lifts.

BraunAbility offers several wheelchair lifts and ramps for cutaway bus and paratransit applications, depending on the platform size and floor-to-ground height requirement. A full line of BraunAbility parallel arm lifts is available for both cutaway and paratransit vehicles. BraunAbility also offers under- the-vehicle lifts (UVL) and bi-fold ramps for cutaway buses. All BraunAbility Wheelchair Lifts are NHTSA-approved and are engineered for long-term reliability and durability.

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Century 2 Wheelchair Lift

With dual hydraulic lift arms and a design that has withstood the test of time, the Century 2 Wheelchair Lift offers all of the benefits of a BraunAbility wheelchair lift in a streamlined, economical package.

Millennium 2 Wheelchair Lift

The Millennium 2 Wheelchair Lift is the true workhorse of the BraunAbility line. Those who appreciate a strong, stable lifting platform can choose this wheel chair lift series with confidence. The Millennium 2 offers thoughtful features, such as a hydraulically operated roll-stop. Of course, BraunAbility's time-tested durability is standard.

UVL Wheelchair Lift

The UVL, or Under Vehicle Lift, is a great solution for applications that require ADA compliance along with maximum seating for ambulatory passengers. This wheelchair lift retracts into a weather-tight enclosure under the vehicle and remains out of the way until needed.

NUVL855 Wheelchair Lift

The UVL855 is an expertly-designed lift for commercial use. Mounted in the step or another dedicated compartment of the bus, it stays out of sight and out of the way until called upon. The UVL855 wheelchair lifts are fully automatic and operated by an attendant using a hand-held control.

Paratransit Vans & Cutaway Buses

RA300 Power Wheelchair Ramp

The BraunAbility RA300 Wheelchair Ramp is a hydraulically operated bi-fold ramp. It's a totally self-contained electric unit, designed to drop into the application. The RA300 low floor ramp system is offered in 4 different models, with platform widths of either 32" or 34," and ramp lengths ranging from 52" to 62". All models have a 1,000-pound capacity.

RA400 Power Wheelchair Ramp

The BraunAbility RA400 Wheelchair Ramp is a hydraulically operated bi-fold ramp for use in a low floor transit bus application. It's a totally self-contained electric unit, designed to drop into the application. The RA400 low floor ramp system is offered in a single model with either a 12v or 24v pump module and a 32.5 by 42.3" package.

Not Sure Which Lift is Right for Your Application?

Download our commercial wheelchair lift dimension guide.

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