Private Commercial and For-Hire: BraunAbility Commercial Wheelchair Taxis, Non-Emergency Medical Transportation, Accessibility Vehicles, & Ride Share Services

BraunAbility offers multiple wheelchair accessible vehicle options for commercial use. All configurations feature the versatility and durability that has made BraunAbility the leading provider in commercial mobility solutions in the industry. Our portfolio of wheelchair accessible vans offers different entry options, seating plans, and ramp designs based on the operator’s specific application and business models.

Whether your business is non-emergency medical transport, ride-share, taxi, or another specialized form of private commercial transportation, BraunAbility’s design team has an option to meet your industry needs.

Commercial Vans for Taxi and Rideshare

Side-Entry Dodge Wheelchair Minivan

The BraunAbility Commercial Side-Entry Dodge Wheelchair Minivan is a versatile and easily maneuverable solution for light-duty applications.

BraunAbility® Commercial Vans for Taxi and Rideshare

Rear-Entry Dodge Wheelchair Minivan

The BraunAbility Commercial Rear-Entry Dodge Wheelchair Minivan features flexible floor plans and multiple seating configurations for ease of use.

Commercial Vans for Taxi and Rideshare

Rear-Entry Toyota Wheelchair Minivan

The BraunAbility Commercial Rear-Entry Toyota Wheelchair Minivan offers flexible second-row seating and a rear lowered floor for wheelchair access.

Commercial Vans for Taxi and Rideshare

Simple Stow Ramp Toyota Taxi

The BraunAbility Simple Stow Ramp Toyota Taxi is an easy-to-use mobility solution for transit fleets, featuring a smooth, lightweight ramp design that snaps securely for a quiet and smooth ride.

When New York City committed to scaling up wheelchair accessible taxi and for-hire service vehicles, BraunAbility was the natural partner with the largest fleet of ADA-compliant commercial vehicles. As other cities and municipalities expand their fleets of wheelchair accessible taxis and other rideshare vehicles, BraunAbility is ready to help.

Commercial accessibility options range from the easy-to-use rear access Simple Stow ramp to the innovative i3 Simple Stow infloor side-entry ramp. The i3 is a unique design, allowing for a clear egress into the midrow of this wheelchair accessible vehicle without having to deploy a ramp. For wheelchair loading, simply deploy the ramp secured safely inside the floor.

The Simple Stow rear-entry style ramp allows for easy deployment for wheelchair passengers and simultaneously making it easier and safer to enter and exit the taxi away from busy city traffic. Available on the Toyota Sienna, Dodge Caravan and the NV200. The Simple Stow ramp is an ideal option when navigating one-way streets in congested metropolitan markets. It’s also preferred for pickups near parallel parking, such as at airports. This ramp allows for luggage to be loaded right on top of the stowed ramp, which rests quietly at floor level. 

For almost 50 years, BraunAbility has provided mobility solutions for countless commercial transportation applications. The combination of experience and quality products is why BraunAbility is the Most Trusted Brand in Mobility. 

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The Braun Corporation can export pre-owned Dodge/Chrysler Entervans. These pre-owned vehicles have between 15,000 and 50,000 km. However, the Braun conversions will be new. All vehicles will be of US specifications, non-US spec vans will not be accepted. It is dependent upon the purchaser to verify their country's import and registration requirements. The vehicle will be sold as-is with no OEM warranty. The Braun conversion will carry the standard three-year limited warranty when maintained by a Braun recognized dealer. The Braun Corporation makes no guarantee of ability to import said converted vehicles. All vehicles will be sold on an FOB (any US Sea Port).