Wheelchair Lifts vs Wheelchair Ramp - Which is Right for You?

Which Mobility Product is Best for You?

BraunAbility manufactures several personal-use wheelchair lift designs as well as a fleet of accessible vehicles with wheelchair ramps. Which product is best for your needs? The answer lies in how much space you require when traveling, what your budget may be, and your personal comfort with the products you are considering.

What is the Difference between a Wheelchair Lift and Ramp in a Van? 

Wheelchair ramps are most often used in vans and SUVs, whereas lifts are more commonly seen in public transport, like busses and large passenger vans. Lifts keep the passenger upright when entering and exiting the vehicle whereas wheelchair ramps are angled. 

Wheelchair Lift for a Full-Size Vehicle

While many people see BraunAbility lifts in commercial buses and other forms of public transportation, similar designs are also available to be installed on full-size vans such as the Mercedes Sprinter van, Ford Transit, or Ram Pro-Master. In fact, wheelchair lifts can only be installed in vehicles with large side door openings or rear door openings. Contact your local dealer if you would like to find out if your particular make and model vehicle will be a good fit for a BraunAbility wheelchair lift.

benefits of a wheelchair lift

Wheelchair Lift Benefits 

  • Wheelchair lift platforms come in a variety of sizes, but all are larger than our ramp offerings. This allows wheelchairs with wider wheelbases to comfortably use a lift.
  • Lifts are ideal for independent individuals who are unable to comfortably enter a conversion vehicle ramp due to the angle of the incline. With a wheelchair lift platform, the operator remains upright and level at all times.
  • Wheelchair lifts can be installed on a variety of full-size van styles. This allows more freedom to choose a vehicle outside of the traditional fleet of conversion vehicles that BraunAbility offers.
  • Wheelchair lifts are less expensive to purchase and to install than the conversion vehicle with integrated ramp technology. For individuals who already own a full-size vehicle, a wheelchair lift may be a cost-effective choice for them and their families
  • Full-size vans have more seating for other passengers than conversion vehicles do. Depending on the size of your family or the amount of storage you need when you travel, you may find that a full-size van with a BraunAbility lift installed may make the most sense for you.

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Wheelchair Ramp Benefits

Wheelchair Ramp Benefits

  • Wheelchair ramps are part of a BraunAbility wheelchair accessible vehicle and become integrated into the vehicle design. Wheelchair ramps are not able to be installed on any vehicle make and model, unlike wheelchair lifts.
  • BraunAbility wheelchair ramps are manufactured in our plant facility and are tested up to 1000-lbs to accommodate even heavy power chairs.
  • BraunAbility wheelchair ramps are available as a side- or rear-entry ramp design. Side-entry wheelchair accessible vehicles have the additional benefit of being operated via the vehicle key fob, meaning you won’t have to keep track of an additional control for the operation of the BraunAbility conversion features.
  • Wheelchair ramps are also available as power or manual operation or as infloor or foldout designs. A wide array of options means many more people can find one that works best for their needs and budget. Learn more about wheelchair ramp styles by clicking here.

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