National Funding & Wheelchair Van Grants for Accessible Vehicles

Are there national wheelchair van grants for handicap vehicles?

Yes, there are national wheelchair van grants for handicap vehicles in the United States and Canada.

There are many charities and organizations across the United States and Canada that have programs to help individuals afford mobility equipment. The grants and opportunities vary in amount, but as each of these organizations knows, every little bit counts. You’ll find a range of nonprofits, some apply only to individuals of certain disabilities or income levels. Be sure to read through the requirements carefully, and don’t forget to contact your local BraunAbility dealer about any programs not listed here.

Handicap Van Funding and Disability Grants for Vehicles in the United States

Bridge To Mobility

Bridge to Mobility is the only national non-profit organization dedicated to providing grants to help individuals afford wheelchair accessible vehicles


(216) 623-2326

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Brighter Tomorrow Grant

The Multiple Sclerosis Foundation offers the Brighter Tomorrow Grant to provide goods/services to improve the quality of life of those with disabilities. Maximum award of $1,000.



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Bryon Riesch Paralysis Foundation

For people suffering from SCI or paralysis, a grant up to $10,000 for a specific need item.


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Center on Technology and Disability

Comprehensive funding resource library.



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A helpful website that contains a search engine to check the government's grant database. Use specific key words that meet your needs.



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Help HOPE Live

From wheelchairs to assistive technology to accessible vans, maintaining your mobility can be expensive. Most people cannot afford the out-of-pocket costs without assistance. Unlock a powerful way to raise funds with Help Hope Live’s expert guidance and nonprofit benefits. With nearly four decades of service and a perfect charity rating, this nonprofit offers a safe and proven way for people to raise funds for their mobility needs while maintaining key coverage such as Medicaid and SSDI. They also offer one-time assistance grants to solve emergency needs.


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Joni and Friends

The Christian Fund for the Disabled (CFD) is a $1,500 maximum grant for an individual with a disability-related need. The individual must be sponsored by a church that is willing to match funds received through the grant.



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Muscular Dystrophy Association

The MDA National Equipment Program takes donations of gently used medical equipment and donates them to people who need them.



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Special Kids Fund

To be eligible for the Special Kids Fund, a family must demonstrate they do not have the resources to afford a vehicle on their own. The family must also have a good driving record, carry car insurance, register the vehicle, and pick it up. Nationwide program for children and adults. Apply via their website.


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The Reeve Foundation

The Reeve Foundation cannot award grants to individuals, but the Information Specialist Team at the Paralysis Resource Center (PRC) can help individuals identify resources that can provide financial assistance.



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Vocational Rehabilitation

The Vocational Rehab office is a powerful resource for people looking to secure assistance for purchasing an accessible vehicle. They can also provide support in areas of employment, finding jobs, and more. Get back out there, contact your Vocational Rehab office today!


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Canadian Handicap Van & Wheelchair SUV Funding

Grants International Inc.

A Canadian tax refund agency established to help individuals with medical needs get past income tax refunds. You may be eligible for this service if you have a prolonged, restrictive impairment. Many have received thousands of dollars back in tax refunds after filling out eligibility forms.



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What is the process to apply for a disabled grant?

Get assistance from disability grants. People with a disability have access to many grant programs. Many of which are provided by the federal government, but there are also some state-administered resources. Many grats have different applocation processes so be sure to look into the details and find print before you apply. The application process will vary, but in general, a grant is only for a low-income family that also has limited assets.