A Rampvan for a Pharmacist and Her Service Dogs

A girl sitting in a wheelchair with her service dog

For several years, Valarie Franklin, 32, worked as a "floater", a pharmacist who traveled all over the state filling in where needed in Walgreens across Michigan. While she enjoyed the travel, it wasn't always easy due to her breakdown-prone vehicle.

These days are different. She now has a permanent position as a pharmacist in Flint, Michigan, and even better - she's the proud owner of a brand new BraunAbility wheelchair van. This purchase was a major step for Valarie.

"I was so excited to get it! I told Jeanette to find whatever was easiest," she said. "But she wouldn't let me do that. She worked really hard to make sure I was getting exactly what I wanted."

Jeanette, a mobility consultant at Mobility Works in Madison Heights, asked all the right questions to make sure she could locate what Valarie wanted.

"She's a young woman with an independent life and career -- she shouldn't have to settle!" said Jeanette.

What Valarie wanted was a black BraunAbility Toyota wheelchair van equipped with a driving system and plenty of room for her two beautiful service dogs. That's exactly what Jeanette found. Now life is easier, not only for Valarie, but for Ryver and Sunny (her canine sidekicks) too. The dogs accompany her to work, on errands, and on trips to visit friends and family.

Valarie has Brittle Bone Disease and is only three feet tall, so many of her challenges are height related. Her service dogs help by retrieving dropped items, opening doors, getting attention from other people if Valarie needs help, and more. The ramp is especially helpful for Sunny, who is now 11 years old.

Sunny doesn't get around well and it is wonderful to have the wheelchair van because it is so low to the ground, he can step right in.

Congrats to Valarie, thanks to Jeanette, and Ryver and Sunny...hope you're enjoying your new ride as much as your owner is!

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