On the Road with Rachelle's Wheelchair Van

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It's been a crazy past few weeks for Chris and me! Our accessible van has taken us on the road to some incredible places and events over the past month, and I wanted to take a chance to keep the folks and fans of BraunAbility updated! Here's what's new:

After a long, difficult hiatus, we're finally planning our wedding and the day of my dreams is in sight! I'm so excited!

  • Earlier this month, my mom, Chris and I took our handicap vanto an amazing charity event called Cycle to the Sea. It's a three-day trip where participants cycle 60 miles a day from Charlotte, North Carolina to Myrtle Beach. All funds raised benefit Carolina Rehab, a facility that specializes in rehabilitating individuals with spinal cord injuries. Chris hasn't been riding for very long, so I was so proud to meet him in Myrtle Beach and watch as he crossed the finish line!

  • Last weekend as we traveled to Chris's parents' lake house for spring break, we got caught up in some terrible weather. Numerous tornadoes ripped through the South, and some of the hardest hit areas were near my home in Raleigh. Unfortunately, the awesome people at Van Products were one of the victims. While their dealership is still open for business, their location was seriously damaged. We're keeping those who were affected in our thoughts and prayers!
  • We wrapped up spring break with a road trip to the Blue Ridge Mountains. We piled the dogs and fishing gear in the wheelchair van and headed out for a family road trip, staying at a very wheelchair accessible home called Hemlock Point.
  • Now for the really exciting news...My wedding date is set, and planning is underway! Chris and I will tie the knot on July 22nd at a gorgeous location called Fearrington House in Pittsboro, North Carolina. 1-800-Registry has offered to fund my entire wedding and honeymoon! How incredible is that? This week I have a dress fitting to see if I can make my original dress (the one I picked out before the accident) work in my wheelchair. One more cool piece of news...footage from my wedding will be shown on the Today show, along with an update from me and Chris after our honeymoon. After a long, difficult hiatus, we're finally planning our wedding and the day of my dreams is in sight! I'm so excited!

You can be sure that I'll be giving you updates on our wedding progress and any new news as the time approaches! Thank you so much to BraunAbility and Van Products for their support as we keep planning!