How to Start a Wheelchair Transportation Business

woman in wheelchair on sidewalk outside of a wheelchair accessible taxi

Taxi service, limousines, minibusses... they're all public transportation businesses you could start today. 

And if you have a passion for helping people with mobility issues, there's something else to consider: a wheelchair transportation taxi business.

You could own your own business and help wheelchair users in your community. You can get them to medical appointments, shopping trips, social activities, and work. 

Ready to start your own service-based business? Read the steps below and you're on your way to helping your community by providing accessible transportation in your area, which is often in high-demand. 

1. Demand for Wheelchair Transportation

Until recently, wheelchair accessible taxis were far and few between. A simple search and you can find several lawsuits from the general public advocating for equal access to public transportation. The claims are that ride hail services such as Uber or Lyft haven't offered reliable transportation for those in wheelchairs.

Now, more companies are searching for ways to provide transportation for wheelchair users and actively looking for drivers with accessible vehicles. 

There's been no better time than now to jump into a wheelchair-friendly taxi service. There's a proven demand out there and a need to fill it.

2. A Large Demographic

Everyone has a need for public transportation. This is especially true for wheelchair users. 

By providing a wheelchair accessible taxi service, you're automatically expanding your demographic. Your clientele will be in constant need of transportation, especially in the case of an emergency.

3. Community Services that Will Want to Work With You

There are no shortages when it comes to where to find customers. You already know wheelchair users have a constant need for transportation. Do you know where you can often find them?

  • Physician's offices
  • Long-term care facilities
  • Senior citizens' centers
  • Community centers
  • Medical supply businesses
  • Hospitals

Visit these areas in your community and hand out your flyers. This is your first step in gaining your first clients. They can keep your information on hand to give out to patients or members who will need your help.

Having a business relationship with community organizations will be an easy way to reach out to new clients.

4. Provide Comfort To Your Passengers

You know what it's like to ride in an uncomfortable taxi. It can make the ride feel ten times longer than it actually is. No one wants to feel uneasy and uncomfortable while on their way to their destination. 

Then, think about being in a wheelchair. It can be even more uncomfortable trying to use a service that isn't wheelchair accessible. Where will the chair go? Will someone provide help in breaking down and setting up the wheelchair? Does the driver know how to make seating comfortable for someone with a physical disability?

Providing a taxi service that is wheelchair accessible ensures comfort for your passengers. You'll have a vehicle that allows the wheelchair user to ride securely from their wheelchair. This takes out the discomfort and the potential for injury from transferring. It also provides a sense of independence to the ride hailer. 

5. The Convenience of Wheelchair Transportation

A wheelchair accessible vehicle offers convenience to your passengers. When they know you're offering transportation that caters to their needs, they're likely to give you repeat business. 

When you decide to become a commercial transportation dealer, there are three things to keep in mind:

  • Safety and Reliability: Your wheelchair transportation dealer should offer quality, reliable vehicles. Clients' safety will be in your hands. You don't want anyone questioning their trust in your vehicles.
  • Customization: You're going into the business of transporting clients with accessibility needs. The last thing you want is a client wondering how they'll get in and out of your vehicle. Ask your dealer if they can customize vehicles with different ramp styles and accessible entries.
  • Accessibility: Again, you want your clients to feel comfortable when using your services. Ask your dealer if you can add lifts or ramps to improve accessibility on a current vehicle you own or if they have trade-in options so you can purchase a new wheelchair accessible taxi van.

6. Provide Transportation For More Than Wheelchair Users

Think about it. Wheelchairs aren't the only way people with disabilities get around. Sometimes, people need the aid of electric scooters or other hand-held equipment.

In having a wheelchair safe vehicle, you'll be able to offer comfortable transportation to more than just wheelchair users. You'll be able to open your doors to anyone who uses a cart or other device. This is another way to broaden your demographic. 

Business is Open

In today's world, there are several taxi services available. A quick phone call will deliver a car directly to you. However, not all of these vehicles are wheelchair accessible, and you would soon find that out.

That leaves a lot of potential customers wondering how they're going to get where they need to go. 

Don't leave a large amount of the population out. Open up your wheelchair transportation business. You'll be on your way to helping out your community, providing a service that is in high demand.

There are many benefits to starting up a wheelchair taxi service. There will always be a need for it. You'll have several organizations willing to work with you for mutual benefit. Best of all, you'll be extending a helping hand to your community.

If you're looking for help, contact us today for more information on how to get started. 

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