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The Difference Between BraunAbility Millennium and Century Wheelchair Lifts

As society progresses toward inclusivity, the demand for reliable accessibility solutions continues to soar. In this landscape, BraunAbility’s Millennium and Century lifts emerge as pivotal tools, bridging the gap between mobility limitations and independence.  While both series serve as indispensable aids for individuals seeking enhanced independence, they harbor distinct features and functionalities, catering to specific preferences and requirements. 

Consumer vs Commercial Wheelchair Lift Applications

The primary difference between commercial and consumer applications of Braunability lifts lies in their intended use and the environments in which they are deployed. Commercial applications of BraunAbility lifts are typically geared toward businesses, organizations, or public spaces where there is a high volume of users with varying mobility needs. These lifts are designed to withstand heavy usage and are often installed in settings such as public transportation (buses and trains) and fleet vehicles (taxi companies or medical transportation services)

Consumer applications of Braunability lifts are intended for personal use, primarily in residential settings or privately owned vehicles. These lifts are designed to enhance accessibility for individuals with disabilities in their daily lives. Consumer lifts are typically installed in private vehicles, like full sized vans that are owned by individuals with disabilities or their caregivers to enable wheelchair access. 

Features and Benefits of BraunAbility Millennium Series Wheelchair Lifts

Renowned for their adaptability and robust design, the Millennium series lifts offer unparalleled versatility and performance, making them a favored choice among users and service providers alike. Additionally, the Millennium lift is versatile, functioning effectively on both flat and uneven surfaces like grass, gravel, or pavement. 

Commercial Millennium Series Wheelchair Lift

Engineered to withstand the rigors of commercial usage, the Commercial Millennium series lift excels in delivering reliable support for individuals with varying mobility challenges. To improve visibility during operation, platform lights are installed on each vertical arm cover. Boasting an impressive weight capacity of up to 800 lbs., this lift is equipped with a hydraulic roll stop mechanism, ensuring barrier release without being hindered by weight constraints. Furthermore, its ability to function seamlessly on both flat and uneven surfaces, such as grass or gravel, underscores its versatility and practicality. When ordering the Commercial version, customers can choose the pump placement on either side (FIB/IB) and will require an attendant for operation. This lift is available in various platform sizes, including 34”x51,” 37”x51,” and 34”x54”.

Consumer Millennium Series Wheelchair Lift

Tailored for individual use, the Consumer Millennium series lift retains the core features of its commercial counterpart while offering added convenience and ease of operation. With a weight capacity of 750 lbs., it accommodates personal mobility needs effectively. While platform lights are not included, it offers user-friendly operation with a handheld pendant, allowing the driver to operate it independently. The addition of a side flap on the platform facilitates side entry when necessary. Platform size options for the Consumer Millennium include 31” x 43,” 31” x 47,” and 31” x 51.” 

Features and Benefits of BraunAbility Century Series Wheelchair Lifts

In contrast, the Century series lifts present a cost-effective solution without compromising on essential functionalities, providing reliable support for both commercial and personal applications. 

Commercial Century Series Wheelchair Lift

Designed with affordability in mind, the Commercial Century series lift offers a pragmatic choice for commercial settings. Featuring a spring-loaded mechanical roll stop, it ensures reliable barrier release. Similar to the Millennium series, it comes equipped with platform lights for improved visibility. Pump placement can be chosen on either side (FIB/IB) for added convenience. Available in 800 lbs. and 1,000 lbs weight capacities, with platform sizes ranging from 33”x51”, 34”x51,” 34”x54,” 37”x51,” and 37”x54”. 

Consumer Century Series Wheelchair Lift

Tailored for individual users seeking economical yet reliable solutions, the Consumer Century series lift mirrors its commercial counterpart in functionality. With a left-side pump placement and a weight capacity of 750 lbs., it offers dependable support for personal mobility needs. While lacking platform lights, it maintains safety standards with its spring-loaded mechanical roll stop. Available in a single platform size, of 31” x 43”, it provides a straightforward and efficient solution for residential use. 

Choosing the Right BraunAbility Wheelchair Lift for Your Needs

In the labyrinth of accessibility options, the decision between the Millennium and Century lifts hinges on the individual’s preferences, specific requirements, and budget considerations. While the Millennium series might dazzle with its advanced features and enhanced capabilities, the Century series offers a practical and economical alternative without compromising on quality and reliability. 

Whether it is for commercial or personal use, BraunAbility’s Millennium and Century wheelchair lifts both stand as pillars of accessibility, empowering individuals to navigate their surroundings with confidence and independence. As technology continues to evolve, these lifts remain steadfast in their commitment to enhancing the lives of their users, fostering inclusivity, and breaking down barriers one lift at a time. To learn more, find your nearest authorized BraunAbility dealer or contact our product specialist team.

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