Power Chair Lifts for Cars: How to Properly Transport Your Wheelchair

century wheelchair lift installed on a bus with a man in a wheelchair and a lady operating the wheelchair lift

With a lack of accessible destinations, people with disabilities live with a sense of isolation that's only gotten worse during the COVID-19 pandemic. Wheelchair users have the ability to maneuver around their homes with the aid of modifications to the home or with the support of a caregiver. Getting around outside of the home presents a different struggle.

Wheelchair accessible vehicles can help give people with disabilities the freedom to get to work, run errands, and get around without having to rely on public transportation. Accessible vehicles that include power chair lifts for cars are a lifeline to many wheelchair users.

Power Chair Lifts for Cars

Taking the first step to purchase a wheelchair accessible vehicle with a power chair lift can be a daunting task. Finding a reputable mobility dealer that can answer all of your questions is a good place to start.

At BraunAbility we can give you a wide selection of mobility products and find wheelchair accessible vehicles that fit your needs and your budget. We can help guide you through the process of discovering what is right for you - whether you decide to buy or rent an accessible vehicle.

Power chair lifts for cars are one option to consider. Wheelchair lifts are different from a vehicle ramp for wheelchairs. 

A power chair lift remains level during operation and the wheelchair occupant is raised to enter the vehicle either from the side or the back. A BraunAbility power chair lift can be installed onto a vehicle and be ready to use with no other modifications. Power chair lifts can be installed on a variety of vehicles - it just depends on the amount of space allowed on the side or rear of the vehicle. 

To get the correct stowage lift for your vehicle and wheelchair, make sure to hire professionals to install the power chair lift. The peace of mind you'll have by having the power chair lift installed to the manufacturer's specifications will be worth it. 

Choosing the Right Power Chair Lift for You

Select from two types of BraunAbility's power chair lifts: dual-arm lifts or scissor lifts.

The dual-arm lift has two lifting arms that provide maximum lifting power and is ideal for heavier power wheelchairs. A scissor lift is installed under the vehicle and keeps the doorway clear for other passengers.

Having a wheelchair accessible vehicle has many benefits:

  • More freedom: for you or for a caregiver
  • Less pain: power chair lifts don't require occupants to transfer from a wheelchair to the vehicle and prevent pain to the shoulders and back
  • Time saver: using a power chair lift saves time from getting the occupant and the chair in the vehicle separately and from using time-consuming public transportation

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