5 Tips on Choosing Wheelchair Lift Support for Vans

wheelchair lift support

Do you have a wheelchair lift for your vehicle? If so, you're going to need someone who provides mechanical lift support.

In fact, experts recommend you get your disability-equipped vehicle checked every six months or 5,000 miles. This will ensure that you stay safe while riding in it or driving.

But how do you choose the best wheelchair lift support for repairing and maintaining your lift?

Below, we'll go into 5 tips on choosing one that suits your needs.

1. Know Which Credentials You are Looking for

If you're used to operating vehicles not equipped for people with disabilities, you might be tempted to just take your car to any shop.

Don't. Technicians trained to work on a standard vehicle may not have the correct training to handle your car's needs.

Getting a credentialed shop is important, as it ensures the people looking at your vehicle are qualified.

Mobility Service Excellence (MSE) trained technicians have been specifically taught to repair and maintain your mobility vehicle. As such, it's important to make sure the person looking at your car has this training.

2. Know What Needs Maintenance

Most car owners are aware that all vehicles need routine maintenance, even if there's nothing really wrong with them.

Cars require oil changes, tire rotations, and the occasional brake pad check. But did you know that cars equipped with disability modifications need some additional maintenance?

These include making sure the hinge and pivot points of your lift function and testing the doors and ramps to make sure they operate as they should. A good technician will let you know if something is wrong and quote you an estimate to fix it. You can reach out to your local BraunAbility Dealer to see if your accessible vehicle is still under warranty.

3. Locate a Technician

Now, you're probably wondering where you can take your vehicle. 

After all, there are a million different car shops, but how do you know which technicians have MSEs? 

This is where BraunAbility comes in. BraunAbility dealers locations have certified MSE workers on hand to take a look at your vehicle.

Make sure to explain what you'd like done and ask for a quote.

4. Read Reviews

If a dealer's repair shop has customer reviews, read them! 

Preferably, run the location's name through a search engine and look up their reviews on Google instead of their website. If customers are mostly satisfied with their experiences, it might be a good place to take your vehicle!

5. Learn About Your Wheelchair Lift

The more you know about your lift, the better you'll be able to identify problems and technicians who can fix them.

Use your owner's manual to learn about the proper functioning of your lift and pay particular attention to any signs of malfunction. The sooner you get your lift in for inspection once it stops working properly, the less wear it will experience!

Need Lift Support?

Here at BraunAbility, we're dedicated to making life a moving experience for all. That includes wheelchair lift support!

In fact, our dealers have people available to talk to you about your wheelchair lift questions 24/7. This guarantees you will get help when you need it.

Request an appointment today!

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