Wheelchair Lifting: A Complete Guide to Mobility Aid Transportation

Did you know that a wheelchair can weigh anywhere from 15 to 250 lbs? With that in mind, it's no wonder that wheelchair lifting is a common problem for people who use wheelchairs.

The problem of wheelchair lifting can be a hindrance when travelling (no matter the distance) for those who need wheelchairs. The solution here is to implement a wheelchair lift into your vehicle to make travel with a wheelchair easier.

This article will cover the importance of wheelchair lifts, how to use them, and how to maintain them.

Why Wheelchair Lifting Important

Wheelchair lifts are important because they allow safe and easy maneuvering and transportation of wheelchairs without the hassle. Loading a wheelchair into vehicles such as a car or even conversion vans can be difficult because of a few reasons.

These reasons include the weight of the wheelchair, the clunkiness of it, and the overall size of the vehicle that the wheelchair is being lifted into.

A great solution for this issue is wheelchair lifts.

Maintaining a Wheelchair Lift

Before learning how to use a wheelchair lift, you need to make sure the lift is in good shape and does not pose harm to anyone because of damage. Always be sure to thoroughly examine the lift before using it to ensure maximum safety.

If there is any damage present, call the unit's manufacturer and the carrier. Avoid using the lift until the damage has been fixed or a solution has been proposed.

You also need to cycle the wheelchair lift before a route is taken to make sure that the lift will hold while in transit. Some other maintenance tips include lubing the gears, keeping lifts out of severe weather conditions, and scheduling maintenance checks with your lift supplier.

How to Use a Wheelchair Lift

After the wheelchair lift has been installed into your lift vehicle, you are now able to transport passengers. Before loading a passenger into your vehicle, ensure that the parking brake for the vehicle is engaged and that the lift itself is in good shape.

For this example, we'll be using the Braun Ability wheelchair lift as it's ADA certified, and comes with multiple features to protect passengers both on and off transit. 

Start by fully opening the doors that allow access to the lift. Make sure there is no vehicular traffic or any obstacles on the loading and unloading platforms. Double-check that the passenger's seatbelt is fully secured when lifting them.

The BraunAbility wheelchair lift comes with a secure, but simple design that allows ease of access when loading and unloading passengers. Simply flip the switch on, and use the remote control to maneuver the platform. 

The up and down feature moves the platform vertically. The fold and unfold feature moves the lift in a folding manner which allows the passenger to either mount the vehicle or depart from it.

Once you are done loading or unloading the passenger, ensure that all safety features are in their place and the passenger is secured. Turn the switch off and lock the loading door completely.

The Best Wheelchair Lift for You

At BraunAbility, we supply you with the best options for wheelchair lifting with our high-quality and safety ensured wheelchair lifts. Our van braun lifts are designed specifically with the user in mind, so you can rest easy knowing our products are more than safe for usage.

If you're ready to travel easier with a wheelchair, take a look at our wide selection of wheelchair lifts today!

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