Increase Accessibility with Temporary Ramps for Stairs

Ramped access, using wheelchair ramp with information sign on floor background for disabled people.

A ramp is one of the best ways to provide easy access, but it can be difficult and expensive to install in your business or home. That's why a temporary ramp may be an option.

There are several options for temporary ramps for stairs, but modular ramps are one of the best. Read on to learn three reasons why.

Increased Accessibility

Modular ramps contain multiple pieces and cover stairways with more steps and longer slopes.

Renting a temporary ramp for stairs is a great way to handle a short-term situation such as if you are recovering from an injury.

If you need a sturdier solution, making a modular temporary ramp for your stairs is not a difficult process either. You can use a wide variety of different materials, but the simplest option is a wood ramp.

The main benefit of any temporary accessibility ramp for stairs is portability. It must be easy to bring out whenever the user encounters difficult terrain.

Modular ramps are durable enough to stay in your home but portable enough to break down and reassemble somewhere else. This means you can take them with you.

Helping Offices Meet Regulations

The Americans with Disabilities Act requires you to make your workplace accessible to disabled employees. This could mean installing a permanent or temporary wheelchair ramp for stairs.

The most important requirements to keep in mind are measurements and doorway regulations.

All wheelchair ramps need to have a 5x5 space on top, a 5x5 space for any turning platforms, and a 1:12 slope ratio. They must be no more than 30 feet long and at least 36 inches wide. They also need handrails on both sides that measure 34-38".The requirements for these measurements may differ in certain states.

Swinging doors must swing inwards, and all doorways to your office should be at least 36 inches wide to provide space for wheelchair users and ramps.

Installing temporary ramps is an easier process than building a permanent ramp. It makes your office ADA-compliant quickly and simply.

Finding temporary ramps over stairs for a rental is also a more affordable way to meet ADA requirements.

Benefits for Those Without Disabilities

Temporary ramps for stairs can help anyone with mobility issues. Customers will appreciate the extra effort if you go above and beyond basic ADA regulations.

Modular ramps increase everyone's safety because they provide a smooth surface to walk on and handrails to grip onto. They also make it easier to traverse over difficult, bumpy terrain.

Where Can I Find Temporary Ramps for Stairs?

There are several types of temporary ramps for stairs, but modular ramps are one of the best. They work everywhere, help keep offices ADA-compliant, and provide benefits to those without disabilities as well.

You may also need a ramp that can get you into your vehicle. Check out our range of wheelchair lifts and wheelchair accessible vehicles. Contact us today for more information.

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