Tips for Using a Portable Aluminum Wheelchair Ramps for Accessibility

Aluminum Diamond Plate Wheelchair Ramp.

Many public areas and vehicles do not accommodate wheelchair users. Portable aluminum wheelchair ramps offer a lightweight solution in public and home areas.

But what specific elements should you look for in portable wheelchair ramps? How do you know if you've found the right one?

In this article, we'll be providing tips to keep in mind when searching for portable aluminum wheelchair ramps to suit your specific needs. 

Why Travel With a Portable Aluminum Wheelchair Ramp?

A portable aluminum wheelchair ramp offers a solution for customers navigating public places.

Our customers also need safe paths to exit vehicles, and ramps are perfect for this function as well. 

Not every location will be accessible for wheelchairs, which is why carrying a portable aluminum wheelchair ramp is important. The lightweight design of aluminum also makes these ramps perfect for carrying around. 

Function of Ramp

An important element to consider when using a wheelchair ramp is its function. Knowing its design is important for getting the most out of your ramp. 

For example, modular aluminum wheelchair ramps improve wheelchair mobility in larger spaces. However, they are too big to portable. 

Aluminum ramps are highly portable. It can serve as aluminum wheelchair ramps for homes or for improving mobility in public spaces.

Furthermore, hydraulically operated bi-fold ramps are optimal in public transit situations. Understanding these design tenets will allow you to leverage these ramps as much as possible. 

Ramp Angle and Length

When choosing between different aluminum wheelchair ramps, always consider the ramp angle. How steep your ramp is can affect its performance.

If the wheelchair used by a customer is manual, having a ramp too steep will cause more effort to go uphill. Similarly, a steep ramp might stress the engine for a powerchair. 

Understand the length of your portable aluminum wheelchair ramps, especially if you intend to use it in a public setting. Not all ramps are going to fit in every space, and we recommend 40 to 60 inches of space. 

Width of Ramp

The width of your aluminum wheelchair ramp is another important consideration. This partially determines the overall maneuverability and safety of the people navigating the ramp. 

Generally speaking, about 36 inches of space is enough to accommodate most standard wheelchairs and scooters. 

Inspect All Parts

When using for the first time, make sure you have all of your aluminum wheelchair ramp parts, along with the aluminum wheelchair ramp kits. 

While aluminum ramps are durable and reliable, being able to diagnose any issues is important. Having the right parts to do it is vital especially if you run into any problems while out in public. 

Find the Right Portable Wheelchair Ramp for You

Portable aluminum wheelchair ramps are lightweight solutions for improving mobility in public areas. Whether you're navigating public areas or entering and exiting vehicles, use this article to find the right portable ramp for you. 

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