Is It Time to Get a Wheelchair Van for Your Church?

wheelchair accessible church

The American Disabilities Act doesn't require religious organizations to accommodate those with disabilities. But many churches and places of worship will put these accommodations in. Wheelchair vans are great options for this. They improve the churchgoing experience for wheelchair-bound members and their families. We're going to explore some of those benefits in this article, as we outline the pros of investing in a wheelchair van for your church or place of worship. 

Easier Access

This is perhaps the low-hanging fruit for getting a wheelchair van. Smaller cars and trucks make it very difficult for those with disabilities to get in and out of a vehicle. 

Folding and unfolding chairs to make space isn't necessary with a wheelchair accessible van. They come equipped with ramps and lifts, making transport that much easier. 

Going to church will be easier for wheelchair-bound church members with these vans. 

Greater Comfort

The last thing you want for members is discomfort and fatigue whenever they arrive at church. Wheelchair vans help alleviate those worries. 

Traditional vans often lack space and make each trip uncomfortable for people with disabilities. Transferring in and out of a van also takes a toll on both those in wheelchairs and the people helping them.

Handicap vans address this issue by adding clamps to keep a wheelchair in place while driving. The aforementioned ramps and lifts also reduce the need for manual labor when entering and exiting the van. 

Wheelchair accessible vehicles reduce any stress or fatigue for people with disabilities. 

Better Safety

If there's anything a wheelchair van is built for, it's safety. Tie-downs and a stable floor keep wheelchairs locked in and secure while the van is in motion. 

Transporting members with disabilities will be much safer if your church invests in a wheelchair minivan. You can give yourself and your members much better peace of mind by purchasing secure wheelchair vans. 

Accommodate More Individuals

You often lose a lot of space transporting those with disabilities in a normal van, mostly from having to move the folded seats around.

With wheelchair-accessible vans designed for these individuals in mind, you can fit more people without compromising safety or comfort. These vans often accommodate two wheelchair passengers at the same time.

Some configurations can be spacious enough to fit an entire family. This means your church can be far more efficient when transporting specific members. 

Saves Time

The best thing about wheelchair vans is that they save time. 

Gone are the days where it takes almost a half hour to enter and exit a vehicle. With ramps, lifts, and other technology, wheelchair vans make everything way more efficient. 

This means less time in the van and more time at church with their friends and family. 

Leverage a Wheelchair Van for Your Church or Place of Worship Today

Wheelchair vans are extremely useful for both wheelchair-bound members and their families. Use this article to decide whether purchasing a wheelchair van is the right move for your organization.

For more articles on wheelchair-accessible vehicles, check out the rest of our blog.  

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