Benefits of Wheelchair Car Lifts

An estimated 13.4 million American adults have travel-limiting disabilities. More than half of them use some type of medical device like a wheelchair or scooter to get around.

Wheelchair car lifts make it easy for passengers with disabilities to safely get in and out of a commercial vehicle. Whether you shuttle passengers to the airport or patients to the doctor, it’s a feature that allows your riders to maintain their independence while using your service.

Lifts provide many benefits for any transport business that needs to cater to wheelchair users. Let’s look at a few to consider as you research a purchase

More Comfortable

Entering and exiting a vehicle can be awkward for wheelchair users if the bus or van isn’t outfitted with a lift. It puts a lot of pressure on the shoulders and back depending on how the transfer is performed between wheelchair and seat.

Adding a mechanical means to lift a wheelchair into a car or van eliminates the issue by allowing the chair to roll right in. And since riders with disabilities can remain in their wheelchair, the ride itself can be more comfortable.

Easier to Get in and Out

Wheelchair-accessible commercial vehicles allow people with disabilities expanded freedom and independence. With a mechanical lift, riders can get in and out of the vehicle on their own. A higher roof and lowered floor means the rider doesn’t have to bend over or tilt the chair to make it through the door.

Saved Time

Getting wheelchair passengers into your vehicle goes much more efficiently if you use an electric wheelchair lift for car or van transport. The rider and the chair can enter and exit together rather than separately, speeding up the process.

Many lifts operate by handheld control, on-lift control, or remote control. These options mean the passenger or driver can be responsible for raising and lowering the lift as needed.

Installation Options

Installing a wheelchair lift offers options that allow for flexibility when you have passengers with and without disabilities. Lifts can be added to a side door or the rear doors of your vehicle, which can help you narrow your choices down as you’re shopping.

You might also consider a lift that retracts under the vehicle instead of into the interior. This allows for maximum standard seating and options for wheelchair positions. This lift type also keeps the lift out of the way when not in use.

Considering Wheelchair Car Lifts?

Adding wheelchair car lifts to vehicles in your commercial fleet allows you to provide service to a wider range of riders. The lift provides more independence for passengers with disabilities as they can enter and exit the vehicle mostly on their own.

If you’re considering purchasing a wheelchair lift for a car or van in your fleet, contact a BraunAbility dealer to talk about our commercial products and your options.

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