Everything You Need to Know About Commercial Wheelchair Vans

an illustration of a bright green commercial wheelchair van with a blue wheelchair sitting outside of the ramp

Commercial wheelchair vans provide people with mobility challenges and their caregivers the freedom to travel easier with less hassle. They eliminate the need to have someone who can help the wheelchair user transfer from their chair into a vehicle. There is also no need to have someone along who is strong enough to lift the chair and hoist it in and out of the vehicle.

With commercial wheelchair vans, wheelchairs are driven or pushed straight into the vehicle and locked into place for safe transport. There are many interior design options to accommodate individual needs and preferences.

Here are some things to consider that can help you get familiar with what is available in regard to commercial wheelchair vans. 

Number of People They Hold

Wheelchair vans can be designed to transport both wheelchair users and people who are ambulatory. The amount of people they can hold varies depending on the interior size of the van, the type of access, and the total weight of any conversion added to the van. 

Side and Rear Access

A commercial wheelchair van will be accessible to the wheelchair user from either the side or the rear with either a ramp or a lift. Rear-entry access is often wider and taller, which can be useful for users who need a bit more space. 

A ramp allows the chair to get driven straight into the vehicle. Similarly, a lift allows the chair to get driven onto the lift, then the lift gets raised, and the chair gets driven into the van. 

Infloor and Foldout Ramps

Ramps are generally either infloor or foldout. Infloor ramps slide out of the floor to use, then back into the floor once the chair is inside the van. Infloor ramps do not take up space inside the interior of the van.

Foldout ramps fold up against the passenger door of the van when not in use. To use, they get folded out to provide access that allows the chair to get driven into the van. 

Kneeling Systems

Some commercial vans come with a kneeling system, which lowers the vehicle down to curb level to make the access ramp less steep.

How Much Do They Cost

You can find new commercial wheelchair vans for sale or buy a van and have it converted. It is also possible to find a used commercial wheelchair van for sale. 

Depending on the option you choose, the price will vary. You may also qualify for a grant to help you with your purchase.  

Do You Get a Warranty

New commercial wheelchair vans and wheelchair conversions are typically covered by warranty. If you buy a used wheelchair van, you will need to ask about any warranty that may be remaining on that particular vehicle.

Explore Commercial Wheelchair Vans Today

The best way to find the right commercial wheelchair vans for your needs is to visit a dealer in person. While you can buy a van online, only buy if you have the option to refuse delivery if you find the van isn't right for you once it gets delivered.

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