A Complete Guide to Conversion Vans, Their Types, and Their Uses

As technology progresses, it is getting easier and easier to fit many appliances and luxury conveniences into a small space. We have now reached the point where you can bring almost all the comforts of home along with you in a vehicle.

In fact, about half of all users of conversion vans even live in them full-time!

Maybe you are not looking to live in a conversion van, but it can still be an amazing way to travel. There is a lot of detail in the world of conversion vans, so it can be hard to know which type of van is right for you.

Read on to learn everything you need to know about conversion vans!

What Is a Conversion Van?

A conversion van is a cargo van that starts out completely ordinary. Owners then send these normal vans out to professionals like Van Braun to turn them into amazing luxury vehicles. 

What Can a Conversion Van Do for You? 

People use conversion vans for different things. Some people use them to travel, some people actually live in them, and other people get lift vehicles with wheelchair lifting to provide support for people in wheelchairs.

What Are the Different Types of Conversion Vans?

One of the main types of conversion van is called a low top. The low-top name refers to the fact that the roof of the van is not raised up. The result is that you don't have any extra space on the inside of the vehicle, but you do get to maintain the original aerodynamics of the vehicle.

Another type of conversion van is called the high top. It is the opposite of the low top and has a raised roof. This allows for extra space in the vehicle for various appliances.

The high-top conversion van was especially popular a few decades ago when televisions were much bulkier.

Disability vans are a specialized type of conversion van. They are often used at professional centers like retirement homes. But these days, more and more people are using them for private use. 

A disability van can make transportation much more convenient for those who use wheelchairs.

When you think about it, the classic motorhome is in fact a type of conversion van. They are something of an extreme case, often being large enough to include a bathroom. 

Shuttle vans are designed to maximize room for passengers, rather than for appliances. They are often used by police and other professional agencies who need to move many people in a single-vehicle. 

Learn Everything You Need to Know About Conversion Vans

We hope that you were able to learn something helpful about conversion vans in this brief article. This important piece of technology can drastically change the quality of life of its users.

To learn more about what a conversion van might be able to do for you, you can find a number to call or text us here.  

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