BraunAbility and the 2020 COVID-19 Pandemic

BraunAbility Manufacturing

As the COVID-19 pandemic swept across the US at the end of the first quarter last year, manufacturing companies were immediately faced with complex operational challenges and, equally important, safety demands. Uncertainty became the new normal for almost all large, global companies like BraunAbility. 

Some companies were unable to adapt and temporarily or permanently shut down due to the new government restrictions and slowing marketplace demands. Other companies, like BraunAbility, faced significant softness in end customer demand. 

Manufacturing, as a whole, remains a historically slow moving and conservative industry. COVID-19 immediately created new challenges that required manufacturers to innovate internally at speeds akin to war time government mandates. 

Employee social distancing on high-touch assembly lines and potential supply chain partner delays added increased complexity to manufacturing processes. For BraunAbility, if not addressed quickly, these new challenges could result in severe quality issues in the field that could damage its brand reputation, and most importantly, customer safety. 

How did BraunAbility quickly adapt production to the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic? 

BraunAbility acted quickly, intelligently and responsibly in addressing the following: 

1. Safely Protecting our Employee Workforce (our highest priority) 

a. Developed operating procedures, processes and tools to keep our employees safe 
b. Quickly built workforce confidence with frequent communication
c. Remained patient and flexible during the uncertain times 

2. Manufacturing Finished Products at a Distance 

a. Physical distancing implemented on-site by revising product flow on the floor 
b. Continued to drive new production processes that promoted less contact amongst team members
c. Utilized remote workforce where possible 

3. Ensuring Short-Term Stability and Long-Term Business Continuity 

a. Anticipated short-term manufacturing challenges 
b. Continued to take advantage of identifiable strengths without compromising quality
c. Empowering all employees to be pro-active, decision-making managers 

The manufacturing challenges incurred during the COVID-19 pandemic will not go away overnight. BraunAbility has been forced to quickly adapt to new and innovative manufacturing technologies and techniques. COVID-19 manufacturing changes were made hastily within BraunAbility, but with thoughtful planning and a focus on precise execution. The results were efficient, quality final production and satisfied customers. Necessity and critical thinking will drive innovation for new success allowing BraunAbility to change more lives!

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