The Life & Adventures of a Quad


Practical Advice and Entertaining Stories from a Quad


We recently received a complimentary copy of a book titled "Another Fine Mess You've Gotten Us Into: The Life and Adventures of a Quad" written by Robert Prondzinski in 2007. A letter accompanying the book told how the author had spent over 40 years living a full and rewarding life from a wheelchair. After retiring as corporate vice president of information technology for Nestle Clinical Nutrition Corporation, he spent much of his time traveling the country in his accessible, customized RV.

The letter also told how the author had passed away from stomach cancer last fall. As the letter stated, Bob had arranged "for a legacy mailing of his book to get his upbeat message of hope and happiness into the hands of as many people as possible who live with - or are the friend, family member, or caretaker of someone with - severe injury or disability."

The book is full of practical advice and entertaining stories told from the perspective of someone who met a serious challenge with tremendous optimism. Some especially practical advice is included in the book's addendum, where he recommends products and services that made living with a spinal cord injury easier and more comfortable.

BraunAbility is honored to have been included in the list. Here's what he had to say:


" I have had three handicap vans over the years and have found that my current van, a Chrysler Entervan®, is nearly maintenance free and the most comfortable to drive in. If I ever need to get another one, I will go to the same company, BraunAbility. The company specializes in providing excellent vehicles for the handicapped. To find one in your area, BraunAbility has a list of dealers on its website at:"


Although it's too late to give our thanks to Bob in person, we'd like to extend his legacy by making you aware of the book.