Owner Stories

Meet the BraunAbility Owner Family


The needs of the people we serve are the inspiration for everything we do. Our accessible vehicles and mobility products let our customers achieve both lifechanging goals and create everyday memories for their family. As they will tell you, every day doesn't need to be an inspirational story of success like creating a new non-profit or competing in the highest division of your sport. In some ways, the aspirational moments are the ones most worth pursuing: the days of no transfer pain, or of seeing the world through the front windshield for the first time in years, or of choosing your favorite brand of cereal for yourself at the store. Either every day, or once-in-a-lifetime, BraunAbility has a product to get you there. 

Let us introduce you to just a handful of the customers we are proud to serve.

Mike Delancey

Mike Delancey left for Iraq already a hero but came back dead on a stretcher. After fighting for his life, this Wounded Warrior found a way to give back.

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Adam  Gorlitsky

Adam “Legs” Gorlitsky is now considered an expert at fundraising and even uses his charity, I GOT LEGS, to help others work toward fundraising for mobility equipment.

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Zach Anner

Zach Anner, the very funny wheelchair comedian, is a YouTube star, an Olive Garden enthusiast, and a valued BraunAbility partner.

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