First Comes Love, Then Comes Mobility

just married

I recently had a chance to reflect on new beginnings as I attended the wedding of my oldest son. During the "big day," I thought about the mix of anticipation, excitement, and anxiety that accompany these types of milestones.

Like a marriage, the purchase of a wheelchair van for an individual or family can be a life-changing event that requires work and dedication over the course of its life to ensure a rewarding relationship. The stages of buying a new accessible wheelchair van are really pretty similar to those of a marriage. If I had to break them down, they'd look like this:

The Dating Period: You're probably "playing the field" at this stage of the game. Maybe you've had a crush on a specific brand or style of accessible vehicle for a while now, but you're still considering other options. As you settle in on the best choice for you, several questions will come up: What qualities are most important to you? What options fit your lifestyle best? What considerations do you need to make for your family? A little research on our website and some test drives at your local BraunAbility dealership will help determine which vehicle fits your needs and personality best. While you're at it, find out what the rest of town is saying about us by joining our AbilityCommunity on our Facebook page!

The Engagement: By now, you're most likely head over heels. Even if you can't possibly imagine a more perfect match, it's a good idea to go through some "pre-marital counseling" to learn tips that will get you through the rough patches in your relationship. That's where your BraunAbility dealer comes in - he or she can give you a heads up on how you can get the most satisfaction out of your relationship with your van - the best maintenance practices to commit to, for example, and advice to keep in mind in case of emergency situations.

The Wedding Day: No doubt it's an emotional day filled with some jitters and a lot of excitement. When the keys finally exchange hands, you've officially committed to a long-term relationship! Is it worth the cost of the investment? The answer is "yes" of course...if you're buying BraunAbility and have done your research during the first two stages.

Anniversaries: A major benefit to your marriage with your BraunAbility vehicle? No anniversary gifts required! However, it's a good idea to schedule regular anniversary "dates" for maintenance checks and to keep in touch with your BraunAbility dealer. We all need a little time to ourselves to relax, recharge and recommit- that's exactly what maintenance routines do for our vehicles. Just a little consideration and respect goes a long way...ask anyone who's been married at least 25 years!

OK, so maybe the purchase of a mobility vehicle is a little less significant than marriage, but it's still a life-changing event. Taking the time to become an educated consumer and putting a little time and effort into your vehicle will ensure your satisfaction over its lifetime. And if you ever need advice about your relationship, remember you've got a team of BraunAbility mobility experts to back you up. Feel free to contact your BraunAbility dealer or a member of my team in the Customer Experience Group when you need a little extra support. We're here for you!