Carolift Wheelchair Hoists

carolift wheelchair hoists

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While modern cities are fast progressing to offer accessible public transportation, there's still room to grow. That's why wheelchair hoists are so popular amongst people with mobility handicaps and their cars.

There's a lot of nuance with wheelchair hoists, and we'll aim to clear the confusion in this article so that you can learn more about the different types of hoists available.

Carolift Wheelchair Hoist 40

With roughly 15% of the world's population living with a disability, it's no surprise the need for privately owned and operated wheelchair hoists.

The Carolift line of wheelchair hoists hopes to rectify that and make traveling even easier for those with a mobility disability. For all Carolift Wheelchair Hoists, the number at the end is the amount of weight the hoist can carry in kilograms. 

That means the Carolift 40 can carry 40 kilograms of weight, roughly 88 pounds. This is a tremendous hoist that can lift a wheelchair from the ground and into a trunk with ease.

It has a manual swivel and powered lift that connects to either the trunk or side of your vehicle. Connected to the swivel is an extendible arm that extends as needed and fits in nearly all vehicles.

Carolift Wheelchair Hoist 90

The Carolift 90 design allows it to lift devices up to 90 kilograms, just shy of 200 pounds. Its design is discreet, with the ability to fold down for use in vehicles with sloping trunks.

Powering the Carolift 90 is a hand-controller, like the Carolift 40. The Hoist 90 works in large hatchbacks, station wagons, minivans, and full-size vans.

Carolift Wheelchair Hoist 140

As you may expect, the Carolift 140 carries and lifts mobility devices up to 140 kilograms, which is over 300 pounds.

It is suitable for station wagons, minivans, and full-size vans, as the height and length of the lift can be cut upon installation. It comes with a universal mounting base and can be folded down to fit vehicles with rear-sloping trunks.

Carolift Wheelchair Hoist 6900

Unlike the previous models, this wheelchair hoist cannot carry its matching number of kilograms. This hoist has a telescopic arm that allows it to lift 181 kilograms, roughly 400 pounds, into a vehicle.

This hoist has a powered swivel and lift operated via a hand-held controller. It features a telescopic arm that assists in navigating around cars' wide bumper or past narrow door openings.

This hoist can be cut in both height and length upon installation to fit perfectly in nearly any vehicle you use. Each of these lifts is designed to be low-maintenance but should be checked regularly to ensure they're always working as intended.

Wheelchair Hoists Empower Your Travel

Wheelchair hoists grant freedom. You'll need to spend less time and manpower carrying around your wheelchair.

At present, Carolift Hoists are available only in Europe. Each Carolift Hoist is crash-test approved and easy to install in most vehicles. Check us out at BraunAbility for more on mobility solutions that will make traveling easier.

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