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This product not sold in the United States. This product is manufactured by BraunAbility Europe. 

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The Carony® Transfer Wheelchair is about getting people out of the house and going anywhere. And with millions of Americans using assistive mobility devices in their everyday life, it's designed around giving users and their caregivers more independence.

With a variety of models, each with unique utilities, these wheelchairs are designed to make living easier. Here's a breakdown of what each model does and which would serve you or your loved one well.

What is a Carony® Wheelchair?

The Carony system is BraunAbility Europe's flagship wheelchair for nearly 30 years. It consists of three parts: the seat, wheelbase, and a swivel base. The wheelbase and seat become a standard transport wheelchair.

With the swivel base, the seat can be transferred to a car, becoming a legally tested and approved car seat. Whoever is in the seat will be able to sit in the front of the car, use the car's normal seat belt, and enjoy the comfort of being in the front passenger's seat.

Let's go into detail about the three components of the wheelchair.

The Seat

As expected, this is where the user will sit, offering extreme comfort, posture, and pressure relief settings. One example is the front seat cushion raises and lowers, while another is the backrest which reclines.

As well, there are integrated handles for carers, with brakes included.

The Wheel Base

Here you'll note the crank for height adjustments, the parking brake, and adjustable footrests. Each wheel is 16" with standard disc brakes, while the height adjustment crank helps with docking, and is able to match the height of various cars.

The Swivel Base

The swivel base is designed to dock and hold the seat in any vehicle. As its name suggests, it can rotate through vehicular doorways of any type, and is crash tested and approved in conjunction with the Carony seat.

Depending on the height and size of your vehicle, the swivel base can rotate, raise, or lower, to dock the seat properly, carrying both the seat and the user to and from the vehicle.

Different Transfer Wheelchair Models

Disabilities have an impact on everyone, but none more so than the user. That's why Carony Wheelchairs are designed for both users and carers to make their lives easier. And like people, they come in different sizes with different utilities.

The Carony® Classic

This product has been our flagship for nearly 30 years, eliminating lifting when performing wheelchair to car transfer, or vice-versa. With the swivel base, the entire seat easily slides from the wheelchair base to the car.

There are several seating options to match your needs, ranging from different chair heights and sizes to different swivel bases that can raise, lower, and turn the chair properly.

The Carony® Go

This model is a power wheelchair with all the other staples of the Carony family. It has a max speed of roughly four miles per hour, with a max range of 15 miles. 

It has been crash-tested and approved, is suitable for adults and children, and offers a controllable joystick on either the left or right side of the seat.

The Carony Go is well suited for wheelchair to car or wheelchair to SUV transfer.

Take the Road to a More Independent Life

If you're looking for more information on transfer wheelchairs or other mobility solutions, contact us at BraunAbility Europe. We have years of experience helping those with disabilities and giving them more independence through our products.

At present, the wheelchair is only available in Europe

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