Meet BraunAbility Europe

Making life a moving experience for all is our goal at BraunAbility.  Below is a summary of our current product offerings in Europe:

  • Transfer Board – a simple solution to help you transfer from wheelchair to car seat. 
  • Transfer Wheelchair – Transfers from wheelchair to car seat without lifting.
  • Wheelchair Hoists – Products that can help a person comfortably and safely stow a mobility aid. 
  • Platform Lifts – We have several wheelchair lift series to meet a variety of applications.
  • Driving Aids – Based upon the driver’s needs, we have steering devices, pedals that are all personalized to each individual’s ability.
  • Wheelchair Ramps (Portable, Fixed, or Telescoping) – Whether you need a fixed, folding, or telescopic ramp we have a variety of shapes and sizes and are easily transportable to places that do not offer fixed ramps.
  • Flooring and Seating – Product for a safe and flexible floor plan.
  • Wheelchair and Occupant Restraints – Products to safely secure people and mobility aids for transport.

If you have any questions about if these products are available in the U.S., feel free to contact us at



Tailboard Ramps

Though many cars may be equipped to manage your wheelchair tailboard ramps, it's important to analyze all options before making a purchasing decision.

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Folding Ramp

Small spaces require creativity and inclusion for all participants, most especially disabled individuals. Learn how a folding ramp may work for you!

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Portable Ramps

BraunAbility Portable Ramps are both easy to take to-go and to places without fixed ramps in place. Learn about our telescopic, folding, or fixed ramps here!

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Wheelchair Ramp

Designing and installing a wheelchair ramp requires careful consideration of the factors related to your existing building and the needs of the chair itself.

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Independent Driving Aids

Finding suitable disabled driving aids will help you avoid costly headaches and ensure your disability does not interfere with your daily life.

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Joey Lift Platform Lifts

Learning more about Joey Lift Platform Lifts is an important step while making any important purchasing decision. Read more here!

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Carolift Wheelchair Hoists

With Carolift wheelchair hoists, picking up your wheelchair from the ground is easy, even from the side of your car. Learn more about its benefits here!

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Carony Transfer Wheelchair

As you may already know, transfer wheelchair processes must be managed accordingly to ensure the health and wellbeing of all patients and caregivers.

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Transfer Board

If you're traveling across Europe, this post reviews how the BraunAbility transfer board can make life easier.

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