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Why You Should Buy From a BraunAbility Dealer - One Customer's Story

We received a letter a few weeks ago from Jeffrey Wright from Louisville, Kentucky, who told us about the incredible service he received while shopping for and eventually purchasing, his BraunAbility wheelchair van from Superior Van and Mobility in Louisville, KY.

Jeff had researched diligently for a wheelchair accessible van for his 11-year-old son, Adam, who was born with Joubert Syndrome. For the last decade, the family had managed to transfer Adam into the family vehicle. Constantly leaning over to pick up his 75-lb son was beginning to wear on Jeffrey, however, and routine trips to the grocery store or to visit family were getting harder and harder.

The Wright family hit it off with Rob Lloyd, a mobility specialist at Superior, right away. After listening to the family's needs, the mobility expert introduced them to the BraunAbility Dodge Entervan XT. "It was the perfect fit," said Jeff. The vehicle's extra headroom accommodated Jeff's height, and the family felt like the wheelchair van had the most durable features and a more secure ride. Most importantly, Adam was more relaxed in the Entervan XT than any other vehicle...which made the rest of the family more relaxed as well.

According to the grateful father, Rob spent an hour after-hours on a Tuesday evening, and then another two hours on a Saturday with Jeff and his wife to help them make the best decision and walk them through the vehicle and its features. The extra effort and time did not go unnoticed."You have given my family a product that is making many small things so much easier," said Jeff in his letter. "When you have a child with special needs, you realize you take the little things for granted."

The Wright family appreciated their increased independence even more in the weeks and months that followed. The wheelchair van played a bittersweet role during Adam's great-grandfather's (PawPaw) battle with cancer. When he was taken to the hospital, PawPaw was wheeled into the new Entervan to sit right next to his great-grandson. "Adam thought that was the coolest thing," said Jeff, "to have those two wheelchairs side by side."

PawPaw passed away just a week later, but the family was grateful to have the Entervan during those last days and weeks. The vehicle and the staff at Superior have given Adam and the family more time with the people they love. A quality product and service providing more quality time - that's exactly what BraunAbility and our dealer network are all about.