a gril driving a wheelchair van while in her power wheelchair

Driving in a Wheelchair

There are over two million wheelchair users in the United States. However, just because you are handicap does not mean you can't do things that nonhandicapped people can. For one, driving in a wheelchair is more than a possibility because of training and the right equipment.

Read on to learn about three reasons you should get back on the road.

1. Driver Training

The first reason you shouldn't fear getting back on the road is that driver training is required. Driving in a wheelchair requires a certain license that you can get by seeing a Certified Driver Rehabilitation Specialist.

This specialist will first take you through a clinical assessment to learn about the cognitive or physical impairments you may have. Knowing this information allows a specialist to recommend equipment that you may need.

After the assessment, you will undergo additional training until you feel prepared and comfortable driving in a wheelchair. Eventually, you will complete a road test with a State Evaluator. After passing this assessment, you will receive a license.

2. Find Handicap Vans For Sale

Looking for a handicap van for sale or used wheelchair vans for sale is an important part of the process. You need to have certain modifications when you are driving in a wheelchair.

Some handicap vans will come with everything you need. You can also try out a handicap van rental to see if it is right for you before you make a purchasing decision.

Even if the van you choose does not have the requirements that you need already installed, you can buy the additional equipment separately. However, there are full-size wheelchair vans for sale that come with special steering wheels and a second set of controls. Some states require the passenger seat to have a specific control set as well.

3. New Solutions to Obstacles

Many believe driving in a wheelchair isn't for them. This third reason to not fear getting back on the road should change your mind.

With new technological advancements, almost every problem has a solution. For example, if you are hesitant to get behind the wheel because you have lost your strength being in a wheelchair, many companies have come up with a fix. There are now low effort steering and braking options for those who find these tasks to be difficult.

If this is something you need in your vehicle, keep in mind that not all wheelchair accessible vehicle models have this solution. Through your assessment with a specialist, you can figure out if this is something you will need.

Driving in a wheelchair does not pose serious issues anymore because there are many solutions to the problems. If you don't think you can drive in a wheelchair, chances are, you probably can with the right equipment.

Driving in a Wheelchair Is Possible

Being in a wheelchair does not mean you can't get behind the wheel of a vehicle. If you want to experience the freedom of getting back on the road, work to obtain a license, and find the requirements that make you feel comfortable. Driving in a wheelchair is more than just a possibility.

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