Christmas Gift Ideas for Kids in a Wheelchair

little boy in a wheelchair with a Christmas Tree in the background

How do I entertain my child in a wheelchair?

Buying Christmas gifts for children has to be some of the most fun you can have during this time of the year. Picturing their excitement on Christmas morning takes you back to when you were their age, arguing with your siblings about who got to open a gift first and waiting in anticipation to see if you had gotten THE gift you wanted more than anything.

But what are the best gift ideas for children in a wheelchair?

It’s not as difficult as you may expect. Just keep in mind that some gifts may be inappropriate for their age, for their dexterity level, and for their wheelchair to navigate. From there, there are boundless numbers of great Christmas gifts for kids in a wheelchair.

Here are some of our favorites:  

1. Board Games

Not every kid loves holding still – we remember that phase. But that’s why Pictionary Air is such an exciting breakthrough in the board game sphere. Work in teams and “draw” pictures in the air. The opposing team uses a smartphone to see the drawing in real-time. We also love these new braille versions of Uno and braille Lego build instructions

2. A Doll Like Me

A Minnesota mom created A Doll Like Me about four years ago for her friend's child. She wanted to create a doll that looked like them to tell them “You are perfect the way you are.” Over 300 dolls have now been created and include custom look-a-like features like a birthmark, a tracheotomy, or limb differences. A Doll Like Me is now part of Amazon Smile, too. Choose the cause from the drop-down as you Christmas shop and a small percentage of your purchase will benefit the building and shipping of these one-of-a-kind dolls to kids around the world.

6. Amazon Echo Kids

The popular Amazon Echo and Amazon Echo Dot has now been redesigned for kids. The Echo Dot Kids Edition was designed with young ears in mind so when asked to play music, it automatically filters explicit songs from popular apps like Amazon Music, Apple Music, Spotify and Pandora. Kids can ask Alexa to hear stories, call approved friends and family, and get answers to their burning questions like “Why is the sky blue?” “Where did the dinosaurs go?” and “Why do we need sleep?” 

7. Popular Playthings Playstix

Color-coded with interlocking grooves instead of snapping, Playstix contraptions are easy to create, deconstruct, and start over again. These brightly-colored logs resemble the Lincoln Logs of our day and help to improve dexterity and imagination. Many parents say they love them so much, they often opt for the larger box.

8. Cloud b Sleep Sheep

This adorable sheep doubles as a sound machine so even when you travel, a child’s sleep won’t suffer. Featuring eight soothing sounds and songs, the Sleep Sheep comes with a Velcro tab to connect to a crib, stroller or car seat and has sleep timers to automatically shut off during the night. The design won several industry awards, including the National Parenting Council’s Seal of Approval and the iParenting Media Award. In a study of 20 newborns, it was found that they were more likely to fall asleep within five minutes in response to the white noise features.

9. Monthly Subscription Boxes

Subscription boxes make for awesome Christmas gifts because they give all year long. This list of kids' subscription boxes ranges from a travel box with maps and activity booklets to a cooking kit for little foodies with step-by-step recipes and cooking tools. 

10. A Trip to Disney

Be it land or world, Disney is known as the “Happiest Place on Earth” for a reason. Disney has provided many accessible accommodations for Disney World and Disney Land visitors that list the various rides that are appropriate for guests who can transfer versus those who can’t, stimulus warnings for certain experiences, and parking and pass information to make your visit easier. And for families who need transportation to the park, BraunAbility offers rental vehicles by the weekend, week, or longer year-round to make your trip a reality. Learn more about our rental options here or look up your nearest dealer to ask about their rental availability. 

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Frequently Asked Questions About Wheelchairs

How do I entertain my child in a wheelchair?

How best to entertain children who use wheelchairs depends on a lot of factors, including their age, disability type, and interests. One popular way to get the entire family involved is a family game night activity.

What is a good gift for a child with cerebral palsy?

The best gifts for a child with cerebral palsy depend on several factors, including their interests, age, and ability level. Some family favorites remain true over time, such as this list of gift ideas for children in wheelchairs.

How do you decorate a wheelchair?

One of the most fun times to decorate a wheelchair is Halloween when the wheelchair becomes a vehicle for all kinds of innovative and fanciful transformations. Here are some ideas for how to decorate your wheelchair for Halloween.

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