Christmas Gift Ideas for Kids in a Wheelchair

What do you get children in a wheelchair for Christmas?

Buying Christmas gifts for children has to be some of the most fun you can have during this time of the year. Picturing their excitement on Christmas morning takes you back to when you were their age, arguing with your siblings about who got to open a gift first and waiting in anticipation to see if you had gotten THE gift you wanted more than anything.

But what are the best gift ideas for children in a wheelchair?

It’s not as difficult as you may expect. Just keep in mind that some gifts may be inappropriate for their age, for their dexterity level, and for their wheelchair to navigate. From there, there are boundless numbers of great Christmas gifts for kids in a wheelchair.

The best gifts for kids with disabilities 2022

1. Amazon Echo Kids

Amazon’s ever-popular Alexa also comes in a kid-friendly version. It can recognize your child’s voice and provide age-appropriate responses, help with homework, make bedtime go smoothly, and create a home intercom system. 

2. Popular Playthings Playstix

With interchangeability and a variety of sets available, Playstix are a great option for little builders looking for STEM toys. The plastic rods are easily stacked or snapped together to build cars, buildings, and animals.

3. Cloud b Sleep Sheep

A stuffed animal and sound machine all in one, the Cloud b Sleep Sheep is great for daytime play and drifting off to dreamland. 

4. Monthly Subscription Boxes

Looking for the gift that keeps on giving? A curated subscription box just for kids is a great way to keep your little one engaged for months to come. The Sensory TheraPlay Box is an excellent option for children with sensory processing needs.

5. A Trip to Disney

Did you know Disneyworld is one of the top wheelchair accessible destinations in the United States? With accommodations for a range of disabilities, Disney is sure to make everyone in the family happy. 

6. Board Games

Mix up family game night with a new board game for everyone to play. Take your pick among the classics, such as Monopoly and Candyland, or try your hand at something new, like Sink N’ Sand. We also love these new braille versions of Uno and audio and braille Lego build instructions

7. A Doll Like Me

A Minnesota mom created A Doll Like Me about four years ago for her friend's child. She wanted to create a doll that looked like them to tell them “You are perfect the way you are.” Over 300 dolls have now been created and include custom look-a-like features like a birthmark, a tracheotomy, or limb differences. 

Frequently Asked Questions About Kids in a Wheelchairs

How do I entertain my child in a wheelchair during the Holidays?

How best to entertain children who use wheelchairs depends on a lot of factors, including their age, disability type, and interests. One popular way to get the entire family involved is a family game night activity.

What is a good Christmas gift for a child with cerebral palsy?

The best gifts for a child with cerebral palsy depend on several factors, including their interests, age, and ability level. Some family favorites remain true over time, such as this list of gift ideas for children in wheelchairs.

How do you decorate a wheelchair with a Holiday costume?

One of the most fun times to decorate a wheelchair is Halloween when the wheelchair becomes a vehicle for all kinds of innovative and fanciful transformations. Here are some ideas for how to decorate your wheelchair for Halloween.

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