Top 5 Tips for Hosting an Inclusive Holiday Party

The holiday season has officially arrived! In an effort to ensure everyone can thoroughly enjoy the season’s festivities, we gathered insights from several of our brand advocates, including Brett Heising, Reveca Torres, and Shane Burcaw, on how to host a truly inclusive holiday party. We encourage you to share these tips with your extended family, officemates, friends, and anyone else who you know loves entertaining this time of year! 

1. Choose a Wheelchair Accessible Location

Restaurants often have more friendly accommodations for people who use wheelchairs compared to individuals’ homes, thanks to the Americans with Disabilities Act. While most of the establishment should be accessible, call ahead of time to confirm the space you have reserved is indeed accessible, not up or down a small flight of stairs. While you are on the phone, it’s recommended to ask about the height of the tables in the space. Tables should be tall enough for a wheelchair to fit under, but a bar-height table can inadvertently leave people out conversation. Plan accordingly!

2. Consider The Decor

As with any party, decor should be fun and fit your theme, however, keep in mind decorations that stick out could get in the way of a wheelchair, and long tablecloths could become problematic.

3. Designate Wheelchair Accesible Parking 

If you will be hosting an event at a restaurant, it is a good idea to confirm their accessible parking options. Hosting at home? Be sure to block off a safe parking spot for your guests who will be arriving in a wheelchair accessible vehicle.

wheelchair users at a inclusive party taking a selfie while having fun

4. Keep Your Serving Options Accessible

Buffets are great for parties, but they can be a challenge for some guests. If you will be serving a buffet-style menu, whether at home or a restaurant, be sure you are available to assist your friend, family member or coworker who may not be able to reach as well or who has more difficult time navigating through the buffet line.

5. Plan Inclusively

If you have an event attendee with a disability, ask him or her for help planning! They will have the best insight and can give specific advice on what will, or will not, work for everyone.

Be sure to share these tips with your friends, family and social followers so we can all enjoy the festivities this season.

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