Rosmarie Rossetti

Rosemarie Rossetti, Ph.D., was injured on June 13, 1998 as she was riding her bike and a tree fell on top of her. The irony, she says, was that she was an accomplished botanist before the accident that broke her spine. Now a paraplegic, Rosemarie and her husband, Mark, shifted gears and found that more awareness needed to be brought to accessible home design. They built a demonstration home in Columbus, Ohio, which they call the Universal Design Living Laboratory.

On its completion, the home was the highest rated universal design home in North America and earned three national certifications. The house serves as their personal home, but continues to influence and inspire residential and commercial builders and designers.

Rosemarie continues to travel for her public speaking appearances in her BraunAbility van. Though a lover of sports cars, she said her accessible van was a necessity, not a luxury. She encourages anyone who is unsure about accessible vehicles to take that leap of faith and to do so with the company that started it all – BraunAbility.