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George Brown

Auto veteran praises BraunAbility quality

It’s not often that a vehicle earns George Brown’s complete approval, but the 36-year veteran of the automotive industry says of his BraunAbility van, “I know quality workmanship when I see it, and Chrysler should be very proud of how BraunAbility has converted their product.”

George, 81, and his wife, Judy, rely on their BraunAbility vehicle to take them everywhere – from trips around town to vacations down South to grandkids’ baseball games. “The workmanship is second to none, and the engineering is excellent,” says George, now on his third BraunAbility van. “And I wouldn’t settle for less.”

Karen Zielinski

“Now I’m living life on my terms.”

Sister Karen Zielinski credits her BraunAbility wheelchair van with giving her the freedom to be who she wants to be. “Now I’m living life on my terms,” says the member of Sisters of St. Francis in Ohio.

Sister Karen is a freelance writer who has written about coping with chronic disease since she was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis 35 years ago. Her mobility keeps her active with her volunteer work and allows her to cheer on her Detroit Redwings at home matches throughout the season.

Faith Brehm

BraunAbility keeps a young family on the move

“Next to his wheelchair, our van is the most important piece of equipment we own for independence,” says Faith Brehm. She and her husband, Darren, were seriously injured in a vehicle accident nearly 20 years ago, but the couple (now married 15 years), never gave up on one of their greatest passions: travel.

Together they have traveled the world – from Punta Cana to Portugal to the Yucatan – and their BraunAbility van has allowed them that freedom.

Their accessible vehicle became a little livelier in the last couple of years. The couple welcomed twins in 2011, so now their suitcases have been replaced with diaper bags. No matter who’s on board, they’ve put their trust in the most reliable, most accessible ride on the road.

Lisa Panzica

She navigates NYC from her “rocket ship”

With a BraunAbility wheelchair van and driving system installed by her local dealer, Lisa Panzica is able to live completely independently in New York City despite limited mobility due to muscular dystrophy.

From her days at Hofstra University, where she received her Masters in Health Management, to the present day, in which she works as a Healthcare Administrator for a local hospital network, Lisa has depended on her wheelchair accessible vehicle and the support of her local dealer to get her where she needs to go. When she’s not working, she’s taking her niece and nephew on play dates. “They absolutely love my van,” she says. “They think I’m the coolest aunt because it’s like I drive a rocket ship.”