The Funding Struggle - Finding Ways to Afford a Wheelchair Van

Here at BraunAbility, we know we make the best quality mobility vehicles around. They're wonderful, and we wish we could give a van to every family with a disabled loved one. But let's have a reality check here: all the remodeling that goes into making our vans accessible takes a large sum of time and money. This makes mobility vans (ours or anyone else's) pricier than we'd like.

Why are Wheelchair Accessible vans so Expensive? 

Wheelchair accessible vehicles typically cost more than your average vehicle. This is because the van conversion process is complex. Your local mobility dealer must take apart an existing vehicle and put it back together to make an accessible vehicle. If cost is a concern, consider purchasing a used wheelchair van, or contact the BraunAbility finance team to discuss financing options. 

How to Afford a Wheelchair Van

Our Ability team understands that it can be difficult for most families to pull together the money to purchase a van. This is why we have a section of our website dedicated solely to the purpose of helping you find that money. There are hundreds of grants out there, both government-run and privately operated, that are available to help you purchase mobility vehicles or other mobility technologies to make life a little easier. The trick is finding them.

Sure there are grants available, but where do you even start? Google is a great place, but with ten hits a page and well over thirty pages of semi-relevant web sites, your brain is hurting before you've even clicked on a site. Once you get over the initial shock of all your options and are able to click on a link, there's yet another mind-boggling step; reading through the gobs of fine print to make sure you're even eligible for the grant. It's a long, tedious process and there are only so many hours in a day. Who wants to waste them staring at a computer screen?

On the Braun website, you'll find we've already broken it down for you. Available grants are listed with short descriptions that explain who is eligible. This way you know right off the bat whether or not to spend time filling out an application. Right next to the description is a link to the grant's website, this way you can immediately start to fill out the forms if it sounds right for you. We've tried to pull together the most complete library of funding opportunities we can for you, and we continue to update it. But hey, we make mistakes too. Any human being can only stare at the Google screen for so long before they forget their own name. If you find any we left out, let us know! 

Grants and Funding Resources

Wheelchair Van Grants by State

Learn More about BraunAbility Finance

BraunAbility is proud to offer a first of it's kind financing program for wheelchair accessible vehicles and mobility soltuions. Our finance specialists are available to discuss your needs and help you get into your new vehicle. 

Here's to hoping we can save you a few hours on the computer, and good luck with your quest for mobility!

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