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How to Choose the Right Handicap Vehicle Accessories

Handicap vehicle accessories will help you take on driving with ease. Advancements have paved the way for handicap accessories for vehicles to have increased functionality and more convenient options. ADA requirements and technology ensure more advanced mobility devices, a variety of ways to travel, and a better understanding of regulations.

These accessories can be installed in your vehicle to enable someone with a disability to operate a vehicle. Finding the right one that fits your personal vehicle will take some research, so we did the research for you. 

Electronic Driving Controls

There are many things to control in your car including the steering, turn signal, lights, and more. Accessories can make use of an elbow-controlled system and tri-pins. There are accessories available to help you take control of these operations:

  • Turn on the ignition
  • Lock doors
  • Control the AC and heat
  • Switch gears
  • Activate windshield wipers

There are more functionalities to take advantage of as well. For example, those with various ranges of motion can have small steering wheels installed. Different gripping capabilities also mean more options with a tri-pin installation, single pin, palm grip, and V grip.

Acceleration and Brake Controls

You can take advantage of hand control to maneuver your vehicle. Push and pull hand controls may be used by those who are trained, and this allows for seamless braking and accelerating. Hand controls are inclusive accessory options that assist individuals with all levels of injuries and capabilities.

A joystick is a great option for individuals looking for a wide range of motion. Joysticks now have four-way capabilities to control steering, accelerating, and braking. The use of decoupled speed and active force features on joysticks have been tested to be very easy to learn.

Wheelchair Lifts

Lifts for your wheelchair can fit different vehicles and capabilities. This handicap vehicle accessory allows you to access a vehicle easily and transport your wheelchair. Many styles and options are available to choose from:

  • Truck bed lifts
  • Dual-post lifts
  • Single-post lifts
  • Split platform lifts
  • Under the vehicle lifts
  • Dual-post spit platform lifts

Other Handicap Vehicle Accessories

  • Transfer seats are a great option for individuals who prefer to ride in the car seat. Vehicle transfer seats make your vehicle adapt to your mobility rather than the other way around. 
  • Swivel cushions allow drivers and riders to rotate out of their seats. This makes the process of maneuvering out of a vehicle easy and smooth.
  • Ramps are great for vans.
  • Wheelchair restraints and tie-ups secure your wheelchair in place. This handicap support accessory locks your wheelchair in a vehicle for added safety.

Find The Right Handicap Accessories 

Finding handicap accessories for vehicles can feel endless, and it's important to find products that fit your car and needs. Luckily BraunAbility has many handicapped vehicle accessories to choose from. Find the right accessory to take your mobility to the most comfortable level.

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