BraunAbility MXV Mythbusters - What You Need To Know

BraunAbility MXV™ Mythbusters: 3 Wheelchair Van Myths You Need to Know

The BraunAbility Ford Explorer MXV was first released in 2016, but it's dominated mobility news. Why? Wheelchair users who never aspired to own a minivan now have an option that may fit their personality and lifestyle a bit better. So what's holding you back? We're out to bust a few myths surrounding the MXV:

MYTH #1 - My power wheelchair is too big for an MXV.

It's a fact that an SUV is going to have less cabin space than a minivan, and when BraunAbility engineered the MXV, we maximized interior space wherever we could. The widened doorway, infloor ramp, angled seat bases and sliding shifter combine to give this accessible SUV interior maneuverability that's comparable to a minivan. Power and manual wheelchair users alike are finding it easy to enter, exit and navigate into the front driver or passenger seat. Need proof? Check out this video of a BraunAbility customer experiencing an MXV from a Permobil M300.

MYTH #2 - I can't transfer from my wheelchair in an MXV.

The BraunAbility Ford Explorer MXV is especially exciting for wheelchair users who are currently transferring into a mainstream vehicle because they don't want to drive an accessible minivan. A B&D 6-way transfer seat base can be installed, allowing a wheelchair user to secure his/her wheelchair, extend the transfer seat back and rotate toward the wheelchair, and then transfer safely into the seat to move into the driver position. And, of course, the front seats are removable, so you could drive or ride from your wheelchair as well. See how Jesse Billauer uses his BraunAbility MXV and transfer seat to get around in Southern California.

MYTH #3 - The MXV is more expensive than any wheelchair van.

If your heart is set on a BraunAbility Ford Explorer MXV, but you assume this innovation comes at a price tag that's out of your range, think twice. Some high-end wheelchair accessible vehicles have a larger price tag than the BraunAbility MXV and with financing available, you can afford more vehicle than you may think. 

The style, the space, the swag -- go "explore" for yourself. 

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