Car Storage Toppers: Room for Your Wheelchair and Way of Life (Plus 5 Other Benefits)

Wheelchair storage solutions are ideal for the traveler who prioritizes both cabin and trunk space. Whether traveling with a group or simply wanting to preserve the space of your vehicle, a car storage topper keeps your wheelchair and your interior free from debris or damage during transfer situations.

Read on to discover all of the advantages of storing your wheelchair on top of your car by adding a BraunAbility Chair Topper to your vehicle.

1. Room for Your Way of Life

What would you do with more space inside your ride? It seems simple. Creating storage space on top of your vehicle eliminates the need to store your wheelchair in the vehicle–But extra space is also an opportunity to reflect your style. How would you use a new spacious interior to make your vehicle feel even more like you?

Family togetherness: Bring the family closer by bringing the whole family anywhere you want to go. Putting your wheelchair in a car storage topper makes room for your whole brood. Make more memories together.

Bring your entourage: Include the whole crew in your next girls’ weekend or boys trip by opening up room for more adventure.

Keep it sleek: Do you like a clean, uncluttered interior? Or maybe you are transporting clients and need to present a professional image. There is no better way to achieve that polish than with a roomy interior.

Pack your gear: From adaptive sports enthusiasts, to artists, to kids’ carpool necessities– Extra space allows transport of the tools you need for your hobbies and what makes you unique.

Here are five more ways that top of car storage for your wheelchair can be a gamechanger:

2. Independence

The ability to use a wheelchair storage system independently is crucial. A BraunAbility Chair Topper is designed to provide maximum freedom for the person transporting their wheelchair. Here is how it works:

  1. The wheelchair owner transfers from their foldable manual wheelchair into the vehicle seat.
  2. The wheelchair user then uses the handheld control to activate the device. 
  3. The device raises the wheelchair out away from the vehicle to prevent any scratching or bumping and slides it into the car top carrier. The chair is stored in a horizontal position. The topper opens and closes on its own.

You won’t have to struggle with maneuvering the wheelchair into a vehicle that isn’t designed for carrying a wheelchair. You won’t have to constantly put the seats up and down to create more cargo space.

The Chair Topper is designed so that many people of varying mobility levels can complete the entire process of storing their wheelchair, independently.

3. Less Strain on Caregivers

 Individuals with amazing caregivers in their lives will take comfort knowing that this chair topper handles the heavy lifting. Once you are in your vehicle’s seat, the top of car storage device– not a caregiver’s back– takes the strain of moving the wheelchair to the top of the vehicle. It also eliminates the struggle of having to maneuver the chair inside the vehicle and constantly raising and lowering seats to accommodate interior space.

4. Vehicle Choice

Adding roof storage to your vehicle opens more choices in what you drive– You may not be limited to a large SUV or van. It gives you the freedom to explore different types and styles of vehicles to suit your own personal style.

Top of car storage for your chair can be installed on a wide range of vehicles. Your BraunAbility dealer can help you determine the ideal vehicle and best installation for your needs.

5. Low Profile

The BraunAbility Chair Topper is designed with a low profile to suit your needs. Installation still allows parking in most home garages and commercial parking complexes. The idea is to maximize convenience for you and protect your vehicle from damage. Minimizing the vehicle size, after installation of top of car storage also ensures that even drivers uncomfortable driving a large vehicle will feel at ease.

The low 21-inch profile design means it’s big enough to hold your wheelchair in place but not so big that it hinders your ability to get where you need to go.

6. Equipment Protection

Wheelchair racks that mount on the back of your vehicle expose your chair to the elements. The Chair Topper creates a durable and protective storage space. The weathertight construction of the top of car storage device creates a watertight seal and protects your wheelchair from the sun’s harsh UV rays. You have the freedom to drive in any type of weather without worrying about your wheelchair prematurely degrading– No more fear of rainy days standing in the way of your plans.

Keeping your wheelchair in a separate cargo area eliminates the constant in and out of your vehicle’s interior. In this way, top of car storage keeps the inside of your vehicle cleaner. This helps to retain your vehicle’s resale value, should you choose to upgrade.

Installing your Wheelchair Storage Product

Although the BraunAbility Chair Topper is made to fit a wide variety of makes and models, it may not be the optimal solution for everyone and every vehicle.

Your BraunAbility® dealer can assess your personal needs to see if a Chair Topper is right for you. They can also assess your vehicle to ensure compatibility for top of car storage or suggest another option. Contact your local BraunAbility dealer for a free consultation.  

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