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What Is a Car Top Carrier for Wheelchair Transport?

Do you travel often? Are you in need of a way to transport your wheelchair without taking up space in your vehicle?

If so, then a wheelchair car top carrier may be for you.

But what is a car top carrier for a wheelchair, and how will it benefit you? Is it any different than a car top carrier for other items?

Read on to learn more!

What Is a Wheelchair Car Top Carrier?

A wheelchair car top carrier combines the innovative design of other carriers with the need to transport wheelchairs. 

It sits atop your car, firmly fastened to your vehicle. Because of its unique manufacturing, you won't even need to lift your chair. With the press of a simple button on a remote, it can do that for you. Once the wheelchair is in, the carrier will close, and you can enjoy your journey.

Will It Work If I'm the Only Person in the Car?

Absolutely! BraunAbility has designed its chair topper to load and unload right next to the driver's seat. This makes it easier for you to enter and exit your vehicle.

If you need assistance entering your vehicle, BraunAbility has also created car seats that will turn and lower down to your desired height. Once you're comfortably seated, it will help you enter your car.

Will a Car Top Carrier Look Good on My Car?

Yes! Lots of people take pride in keeping their vehicles clean and sleek-looking. Because of this, wheelchair car top carriers sport a chic, smooth exterior that complements your car. 

What Are the Benefits of a Car Top Carrier for Wheelchairs?

When you have a car top carrier for your wheelchair, you no longer have to worry about the space your wheelchair will take up in your car.

This means you can pack the rest of your luggage, your entire family, and whoever else might be coming along for the ride!

Who Benefits from a Wheelchair Car Top Carrier?

Anyone who uses a foldable wheelchair could benefit from such a carrier, in particular, wheelchair car top carriers serve people who do not always have access to wheelchair accessible vans. 

Overall, these carriers give wheelchair users the ability to ride in comfort and in style while saving space for other trip necessities.

Ready to Invest in a Car Top Carrier?

If you're convinced that a wheelchair car top carrier is for you, look no further.

BraunAbility is dedicated to serving people who use wheelchairs and helping them with all of their mobility needs.

As mentioned above, BraunAbility has developed a state-of-the-art car top carrier that will allow you to easily transport your chair. Called the Chair Topper, it takes your wheelchair with you wherever you go.

Interested?  Check it out today. 

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