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What Is a Situations Chair for Professionals With Disabilities?

The Americans with Disabilities Act, or the ADA, states that employers cannot discriminate against people with disabilities. Under the law, employers are required to provide reasonable accommodations for any person with a disability to perform their job, apply for a job, and receive equal benefits.

These reasonable accommodations include the purchase of new and/or modification of existing office equipment.

Read on to learn how to choose a situations chair for your employees that meets their needs and complies with federal regulations.

Situations Chair

Professional work requires a person to sit for eight to ten hours every day.

A situations chair is another term for a specialized work chair. These professional chairs are ergonomically designed to provide the maximum amount of comfort and productivity for office workers.

The thoughtful selection of a quality chair will transform an office atmosphere and go a long way to increase worker satisfaction.

Your selection of a work chair for disabilities should keep those same concepts in mind. 

Professional Chair for Disabilities

Providing an accessible workplace is required by law. As an employer, you should not consider this a hardship or chore. 

A few factors to consider for any situations chair are comfortable seat pan width, adequate height adjustability, lumbar support, and armrests.

Another important aspect of these work chairs is the base. If a wheeled office chair is required, make sure the base is five-pedestal. Five-pedestal bases are less likely to tip and will decrease the likelihood of workplace accidents.

While you can purchase the chair yourself, an easy way to make sure you purchase the correct chair is to consult your employee's medical professionals. With their guidance, you can work with your employee to find a chair that meets their needs. 


As an employer, the search for a proper chair for your employee should be guided by empathy. Whether it's a situations chair, a wheelchair for professionals, or any solution for mobility issues, let your heart guide you. Step outside of yourself for a moment to listen and truly consider the needs of your employee. 

Hire a Consultant

Unfortunately, too many Americans are unfamiliar with the ADA and its requirements. One way to ensure your company is and remains compliant with federal regulations is to consult an ADA specialist.

If your company is large enough, consider hiring a full-time ADA coordinator. Including this position in your human resources department will go a long way to maintain compliance with federal law and provide continued accessibility. 

Advice for Employers

The ADA guarantees the right of any person to equal access to work, government services, and leisure. While most of us are well-meaning, we do not fully consider what this entails, even for something as simple as a situations chair.

For more additional employer advice concerning accessibility, please browse our blog or join The Driving Force.

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