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Everything You Need To Know About Home Health Care Services

4.5 million people receive in home health care services each year in the United States. 

This service allows patients in a variety of circumstances to get the help and care they need from the comfort of their own homes. Even though it's widely available and a great option for many, it's often a forgotten treatment plan. 

Read on to find out all you need to know about home health care services and how they might benefit you or your loved ones. 

Home Health Care Services

Not every health care service can be handled in the patient's home. Things like diagnostics, testing, and most doctor performed exams need to be done in an office. 

But there are many health care services that can take place right in your living room, including therapies (physical, occupational, or speech), nurse visits, administration of medications through IVs, or wound dressing changes. 

When these services are offered in the patient's home, they make them more accessible, something that's often a barrier for many patients. 

Home health care services can work for both short-term and long-term treatment plans and can be completely customized based on the patient's needs and the doctor's recommendations. 

Qualified Patients

While it would be nice for home health to be a viable option for every patient, not all insurance policies will cover these treatment options. 

Often, the patient will have to have an underlying reason to need the services in his or her home instead of going into a clinic or practice. So who qualifies for home health care services

The primary qualifiers are those who are considered homebound. In essence, that means the person shouldn't leave their home for safety reasons, whether because they have a physical impairment that makes it difficult or because they are immunocompromised. 

Benefits of Home Health Care 

The biggest and most obvious benefit of home health care services is that the patient has a much easier time getting the help they need. 

There is no need to arrange transportation. They won't have to worry about excessive germ exposure. And they can have more focused time with their provider. 

This type of home health care also leads to more specialized, customized care because it's not a routine office visit for the provider. They can take more care and not be rushed onto the next patient, which is a huge benefit for those who see many doctors regularly. 

Get Started with In Home Health Care Services 

Receiving home health care services can be a complete game-changer for many patients. It often makes their lives significantly easier, which in turn can lead to greater healing. 

Those who live with these issues already have enough of challenges in life - getting the proper health care they need shouldn't be one of them. That's why these services can be so impactful and helpful for many. 

If you're interested in learning about more ways to make life easier and more accessible if you live with a disability or illness, contact us today! 

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