Handicap Parking Campaign - Save My Spot

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Handicap Parking Campaign - Save My Spot

It's New Year's resolution time, and here's what we are resolving: to make spots and stripes go together. We aren't talking about committing a fashion faux pas, but rather starting a discussion about a handicap parking campaign (Get it? Parking spots and accessible parking stripes?).

This campaign, launching in January, is aimed at drawing attention to a national problem: abled-bodied individuals using parking spots intended for wheelchair accessible vehicles. BraunAbility gives people freedom by giving them reliable transportation. But when someone takes an accessible spot and doesn't belong there, suddenly the vehicle we spent so long developing is rendered completely inaccessible.

No one should have to feel like that. No one should have to defend their rights to those spots in tears because they were late to their daughter's game or their son's play. They shouldn't have to drive around the parking lot until the woman who "just had to run in for a couple quick things!" returns and removes her ordinary-license-plated car.

This handicap parking campaign does the fighting for them, in an educational and respectful way. It's called Save My Spot, and you will find out more in the next couple of weeks by following BraunAbility on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. We can't make this revolution happen unless we have YOUR help to share the word, whether on social media or in shopping mall parking lots. And here's a heads up...you'll have the chance to win some free stuff!

Consider it a resolution to help start a revolution - are you in?