How to Afford a Wheelchair Van

A wheelchair van is a significant investment, and many consumers are overwhelmed when thinking about how they'll afford the expense. Like any major purchase, start by doing your research. You may find out your mobility freedom is closer than you thought. Some points to consider: 

  • Your local BraunAbility dealer will accept trade-ins of not only a wheelchair van, but of an unconverted vehicle as well. This trade-in can be used as part of your down payment too.
  • Funding assistance may be available depending on what your state offers, whether you are employed and using your wheelchair van to get to your place of work, or even based on your type of disability. To find out what is availalbe for you, visit our grants and funding page
  • It's important to realize that while a new wheelchair van is a great option, preowned and certified pre-owned options from BraunAbility dealers offer high quality and value as well. We can help you gain a better understanding of wheelchair van pricing and affordable options here. 

While the goal of owning a wheelchair accessible vehicle may seem overwhelming, doing your research and asking the right questions is the best way to start. BraunAbility Finance has collected some of the most common questions around affording a wheelchair van and the process of securing financing. 

How Does Applying for Financing Through BraunAbility Finance Impact my Credit Score? 

When BraunAbility Finance submits your application to our lenders, they will pull your credit report. As with any financing application, this may minimally lower your credit score for a short period of time. If you are pursuing multiple wheelchair accessible van loan options or pricing vehicles at multiple dealers, we recommend you do so all within the same week to reduce the impact to your credit score.

Will I Need a Down Payment to Get Approved for a Wheelchair Van Loan? 

No, a down payment is not required for wheelchair van financing approval. However, if you do have a down payment or trade-in, let your mobility dealer know at the time of application so you are presented with the best rate and terms from the beginning. Keep in mind, most BraunAbility dealers will accept your unconverted vehicle as a trade or will find another outlet to accept it.

Am I Eligible for Third-Party Funding for a Wheelchair Van? 

Some individuals qualify for third-party funding for wheelchair accessible vans depending on variables like whether or not you are a veteran and what programs your state offers. Consult the BraunAbility Financing and Funding Guide to find out more, and be sure to ask your BraunAbility dealer about options in your state and local community.

Will My Health Insurance Cover the Cost of My Mobility Vehicle? 

While some funding sources exist to assist with the purchase of a mobility vehicle, health insurance is not one of them. Medicare and Medicaid cover some durable medical equipment such as a wheelchair or scooter, but not a modified wheelchair accessible van. Be sure to contact your local BraunAbility dealer about funding at the state and local level. They are experts in knowing what options exist to help you achieve your independence.

Why Won’t a Traditional Bank Provide Wheelchair Van Financing on a Mobility Vehicle?

Because traditional banks are unfamiliar with the value of mobility vehicles, they are very reluctant to finance them. Many will finance the non-modified chassis only, not the conversion or lift. BraunAbility Finance exists to bridge that gap and secure loans through reputable lenders who recognize the full value of a wheelchair van and offer a variety of rates and terms to best fit your budget.

Can My Unconverted Vehicle, Van, Car or Truck be Used as a Trade-In?

Yes, most BraunAbility dealers will accept your unconverted vehicle as a trade or will find another outlet to accept it.

I’m Considering Other Financing Services as Well. What Do I Need to Watch Out For?

When fitting your budget needs, always be certain to review the rate and term of the loan and look for any additional surprise fees. Be certain you’re not inadvertently agreeing to a flexible or higher rate or additional cash down on your wheelchair accessible van loan.

Do I Have to Have Really Good Credit to Obtain Financing for a Wheelchair Accessible Van or SUV? 

Our goal is to provide the freedom and independence of owning a wheelchair accessible vehicle to as many consumers as possible. In order to do that, we work one-on-one with a variety of reputable lenders to review each individual’s story, including the amount requested, cash down, third-party funds, resident history, income, and more. This gives a more comprehensive picture of each consumer’s financial health and opens the door to more mobility freedom through wheelchair van financing, even if you have a challenging credit history.

My Credit is Currently Frozen. What Do I Need to Do to Allow Access to my Credit Score? 

The simplest and quickest solution is for you to unfreeze all reports until the loan is processed and approved. You can work with BraunAbility Finance on an alternative if necessary.

What Interest Rates and Terms are Offered Through BraunAbility Finance?

Our best-in-class lenders take many factors into consideration, including your credit score, to find the best rate and terms to purchase your vehicle. The first step is to find the wheelchair accessible van that fits you and your lifestyle, and then BraunAbility Finance works to find loan and terms to fit your budget.

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