The Most Popular Grants for Families With Disabled Children

Starting a family is a beautiful thing. Unfortunately, it can also be a costly one, especially when raising a child with disabilities. Luckily, there are grants and initiatives that can help provide the highest quality of life — and ease the financial burden— for your family. Read on to learn about the most popular grants for families with disabled children. 

Grants for Children in Wheelchairs

Below, you'll find a list of resources specifically for children in wheelchairs. These grants may help with everything from getting a wheelchair to making your vehicle wheelchair friendly, and more. 

  • Maggie Welby Foundation

    The Maggie Welby Foundation provides grants to families with a specific goal in mind. That goal could be financial assistance with medical bills, modifying your vehicle to be wheelchair accessible, or even just pursuing an opportunity that wouldn't be available to your child otherwise. 
  • The Parker Lee Project

    The Parker Lee Project works to cover the costs of equipment and medical treatment that your insurance may not. It also serves as a great educational resource and support system for parents with disabled children.
  • The Different Needz Foundation

    This foundation provides grants directly to individuals with developmental disabilities through the lens of what they made need in the future. This includes financial assistance and covering equipment needs.
  • First Hand Foundation

    First Hand Foundation provides funding for items that will improve the quality of life for a person with disabilities but which may not be covered by health insurance. They also can provide financial relief for medical bills. 
  • Wheel to Walk Foundation

    Specifically for individuals 20-years-old or younger who live in Idaho, California, Washington, or Oregon, The Wheel to Walk Foundation could help you obtain items or experiences that will improve quality of life. This may include gait trainers, wheelchair lifts, speech therapy, and much more. 
  • Wheelchairs for Kids

    As the name suggests, Wheelchairs for Kids works to provide the highest quality wheelchairs for persons with disabilities. Beyond that, they can help fund everything from wheelchair ramps to home modifications and wheelchair accessible vehicles

General Grants for Families with Disabled Children

These grants offer financial assistance for families overcoming a variety of challenges: everything from medical bills to therapies. Read on to see if one is right for your family. 

  • Kiddos' Clubhouse Foundation

    Kiddos' Clubhouse Foundation works to make sure children with emotional and developmental challenges get access to therapies that they need. Funds are raised through charitable events, donations, and grants and offered directly to recipients. 
  • UnitedHealthcare Children's Foundation

    This non-profit charity improves the quality of life for a child 16-years-old or younger by reducing the financial burden that is left when health insurance doesn't cover the entirety of medical expenses. This grant could be used for surgeries, therapies, or equipment coverage.
  • The Ray Tye Medical Aid Foundation 

    The Ray Tye Medical Aid Foundation funds in-hospital treatment and surgeries for those without health insurance or adequate financial means.
  • ARCH National Respite Network and Research Center

    If you're not sure where to find resources, ARCH National Respite Network and Research Center is a great place to start. This organization works to link families with local crisis care programs in their community.

You Are Not Alone

Beyond grants for families with disabled children, there is an entire community out there to offer emotional support. Check out other grants and funding opportunities available or contact a Product Specialist for help learning about mobility products and the resources available.  

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