Introducing Drive for Inclusion

BraunAbility Launches ‘Drive for Inclusion’: A Global Movement for Accessibility Improvement

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Drive for Inclusion: A Global Movement for Accessibility and Independence for Those With Mobility Challenges


Today, at BraunAbility, we're starting a movement. 

This movement will unite all voices from the mobility disability space. This movement will educate the public on the needs of those with mobility challenges. This movement will enact social change for mobility inclusion. This movement is Drive for Inclusion.

BraunAbility’s Drive for Inclusion is the first-ever effort to gather and unify the voices of people across the mobility disability spectrum to take action for greater access, and ultimately inclusion, for anyone living with a mobility challenge.

We kick off the Drive for Inclusion today because May is National Mobility Awareness Month (NMAM), a time when we highlight the importance of mobility for people living with physical disabilities.

The movement starts with YOU. BraunAbility invites anyone living with a mobility disability (and their caregivers) to share their voices through an online survey community at In this online community, people can provide input on obstacles they face in their daily lives and what changes could lead to greater mobility inclusion.

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The information gathered through The Driving Force community will be used to inform future actions that will be championed by BraunAbility, and key findings from the survey community will be released annually through the Drive for Inclusion Report Card beginning in May 2020.

The strength of The Driving Force movement begins with one of the simplest and most universal symbols of mobility disabilities — the accessible parking design. Abuse of accessible parking is one of the most common frustrations we hear from our customers. In fact, 84 percent of BraunAbility customers are interested in actions aimed at preventing the misuse of accessible spaces, according to a 2018 BraunAbility survey. To create awareness of this issue, we sought out internationally renowned 3D chalk artist, Tracy Lee Stum, to redesign the access aisles found next to wheelchair van accessible parking spaces. 

The optical illusion of a raised barrier is meant to prevent someone from parking on the access aisle and blocking a wheelchair van’s ramp from being deployed. 

It's our hope that the new design and stunning optical illusion will educate the public about the importance of leaving the access aisle open for wheelchair users. Because without access, there is no inclusion.

We are pleased and honored that our friends at the town of Speedway, Indiana, the home of the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, share our vision for The Drive for Inclusion. To celebrate Speedway's commitment to inclusivity, they will be the first to test this groundbreaking design. If proven successful, we will encourage other businesses to incorporate the 3D access aisle into their parking lots.

Drive for Inclusion is the movement. The Driving Force is the community that makes it move. But the real change is within each and every one of you.

For more information or to join The Driving Force community, go to

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