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6 Reasons to Use a Manual Lift for Wheelchairs

Owning a wheelchair means making a change to your home and vehicle with the appropriate devices and tools. When considering transportation for wheelchairs, lifts are a reasonable choice.

The different types of lifts for wheelchairs include interior lifts, which are fitted inside the vehicle and pull the user inside, and exterior lifts, which hold the wheelchair or scooter behind the trunk space. 

There are also electric lifts that come with controls, and manual lifts, which don't require energy. 

Here are some reasons you should consider a manual lift for your wheelchair needs.

1. Manual Lifts Do Not Require Energy

With most automatic lifts, there's a number of connections that have to be made for them to work, usually powered by your vehicle's battery. Manual lifts don't require any energy to work other than your body's power.

As a result, they won't drain your battery at all, requiring setup, and on the chance that there's a connection problem, you won't be stuck with an inoperable lift. 

2. Easy to Operate

Manual lifts aren't overly complicated devices, unlike automatic ones that have a number of programmable options. You just roll the wheelchair in, clamp it to the back of the vehicle, and you're good to go. 

Most lifts will carry anywhere from 100 to 400 pounds, so you can feel secure storing your motorized wheelchair for short and long trips.  

3. Easy Maintenance

Different types of lifts require different types of maintenance. Unfortunately, the more complex the device, the more specialized that maintenance must be. With powered lifts, there are various connections that have to be checked.

With a manual lift, you can easily perform maintenance at home.

4. Manual Lifts Can Be Installed on Most Vehicles

When installing a wheelchair lift, most people think of handicap accessible vans. Manual lifts are instead hitched behind the vehicle, taking up less interior space and are much more easily attached. 

5. More Affordable

An automatic lift can cost you thousands of dollars for either exterior or interior use. Meanwhile, a manual lift would likely cost less thatn a thousand dollars.

6. Takes up Less Space

As previously mentioned, a manual lift will take up much less space than an automatic one.  

Check out our mobility car dealerships and get fitted for a manual wheelchair lift today. 

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