Handicap Van and Hockey...an All-American Combo

Earlier this spring I had the chance to see the last Detroit Red Wings game of the season. Hockey is my favorite sport, and the Red Wings are, hands-down, my favorite all-time team. My sister, Judy, and I met my brother and his wife downtown and then drove my wheelchair van straight to the Joe Lewis Arena!

There's nothing better than sitting in a hockey arena and watching two great teams pass the puck...and of course, watching the famous Zamboni ice restorer clean and even the ice between periods. As I made my way back to myBraunAbility Entervan, I had one of those random moments of gratitude for having a mobility vehicle that gives me this level of freedom and the ability to take part in these all-American experiences. I simply parked in the accessible lot, drove my electric cart down my handicap van ramp, and headed into the arena. Aside from providing an incredible level of independence, my van does something else: it lessens my anxiety. I never have to worry about how I'll transfer into my cart or whether or not I'll be able to get the cart down if a lift malfunctioned. That's never been the case with my Braun Entervan.

I'm so grateful to have such a reliable way to travel and experience the games, the festivals, the concerts, and experiences that make life so worth living!