Disability Documentary "Lives Worth Living"

Disability Documentary Follows the Disability Right Movement & One Man's Struggle


We just received a heads up about a disability documentary that premieres on PBS in late October...and we are pumped about it! Lives Worth Living is a historical disability documentary that follows the Disability Rights Movement and one man's struggle to survive with his own physical disability.

The hour-long show will reflect back on the days millions of Americans lived without access to schools, apartments, and transportation - a way of life sounds all too familiar if you read Rise Above. Ralph Braun faced the same resistance when he tried to finish his high school and college education...and at countless other points throughout his career. Maybe it's a good thing he did - that struggle helped launch his motivation to create BraunAbility wheelchair accessible vans and lifts... and bring freedom and independence to tens of thousands of people with disabilities over the past 40 years.

According to PBS, over 54 million Americans are living with a disability of some type, whether physical or mental. This program not only offers an important reminder of the struggles previous generations have fought through...but it's also a powerful reminder of that anyone can become a member of the disabled community.

Nice work, PBS...this is overdue! We're especially eager to hear how the series discusses the advancements made in public transportation. We recognize some of the contributor names...several are advocates who work closely with our dealers. The program will air on Thursday, Oct. 27th at 10 p.m. as part of PBS's award-winning Independent Lens series.

Update: Here's an interesting review of the Disability Documentary "Lives Worth Living" in the Chicago Sun-Times by Jeff Shannon, a free-lance writer who suffered a spinal cord injury in 1979.