Brett's Ode to the Days of the Gas Jockey

Gas Jockey 1|Brett Eastburn

Charismatic, energetic and witty are just a few words commonly used to describe Brett Eastburn. Brett was born with no arms and legs, but he knows he was truly born with no limitations. Now an international motivational speaker and comedian, he continues to prove that he was right!


By the time I started driving in 1990, the days of the attentive gas station attendant who would run out to check your fluids, clean your windshield, check your tire pressure, and pump your gas...well they were long gone. I want them back. Here's why:

I drive for a living. So what, right? A lot of people do. Well, I'm not your average guy on the road. I'm a quadruple amputee, and I travel a great deal because I'm a motivational speaker, writer and comedian (also known as a road comic). My wife, Chrisa, and I estimate we travel a minimum of 50,000 miles a year.

Before I was married, travel was quite a bit harder - especially when I pulled up to a gas station. Back when I was riding solo, if I was lucky I could pull up, beep the horn, and someone would come out and help fuel me up or check my oil. But sometimes, I'd beep my horn and the attendant would just stare out the window at me. I'd finally go in and ask if I could get some help pumping gas, and the attendant would say he/she couldn't because the register could not be left unintended. Fair enough, but still really inconvenient for a guy like me!

Learn from my frustrations. If you're like me and can't easily enter/exit a vehicle or pump your own gas, make sure you look for gas stations with two attendants. Usually if you beep your horn, one will come out (they're actually legally required to). A better suggestion is to check out a site or app like It's probably a given, but find gas stations around you or on your regular routes that will recognize your vehicle and be willing to provide that extra service. Keep their phone numbers in your Contacts List and ring them up when you are on your way.

Thinking ahead and taking a few precautions makes travel much, much easier and prevents you from reeking like gas...which is what happens EVERY time I try to fuel up on my own.