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Top 10 New Year's Resolutions for Wheelchair Users

Have you ever wondered why do people make a New Year's Resolution? And if you should make one?

We think you should make a resolution and you should not let a disability stop you. A New Year's Resolution is a promise you make to yourself of a loved one for the new year. It is a goal to help you improve in some way during the coming year.

Are you a wheelchair user who is looking to improve your quality of life?

Whether you have started using a wheelchair recently or all your life, you can always start thinking about ways to improve the quality of your life. Wheelchair users, just like anybody else, can benefit from searching for new ways to improve their health, social life, and general wellbeing. 

So, let’s have a look at the top ten new year’s resolutions for wheelchair users!

1. Take up a New Sport

People with disabilities can often find it difficult to get involved in organized sport, particularly if they use a wheelchair. But, the truth is that there are a lot of great sports that are well set up for wheelchairs.

For example, have a look at wheelchair basketball, wheelchair tennis, marathons, or even wheelchair rugby. 

2. Take a Trip

Wheelchair users can sometimes feel a bit stuck where they are because of accessibility issues. But with the right planning, there's often no reason why you can’t take a trip. 

Even if it is just a trip to a nearby city, it is healthy to get out of your normal environment and to exercise your freedom. 

3. Take up a Hobby

Wheelchair user resolutions don’t need to be enormous. You can make a small improvement to your life by taking up a hobby. Think about learning an instrument, learning how to play chess, or start knitting.

These activities will get you away from being in front of computer screens and television screens, which is always healthy. 

4. Learn to Maintain Your Wheelchair

There are a lot of tips for wheelchair users out there, but it’s not often that you hear about fixing your own wheelchair. Doing this will give you a sense of purpose and allow you to exercise a new skill. You can also accessorize!

5. Go on a Date

Get out there and don’t be afraid of finding a partner. Also, have some fun! Click here to read Squirmy and Grubs tips for a successful interabled relationship.

6. Join a Book Club

Books are worlds just waiting to be explored. Combine reading with an enhanced social life by joining a book club. Reading has a lot of health benefits! Click here to read Ralph Braun's full autobiography Rise Above for free.

7. Improve Your Health

Whether it’s going for a more healthy diet, improving your sleep, or something else, a health goal is always a good thing. Think about a small and achievable goal, not a health overhaul.

8. Make a New Friend

They don’t have to be your new best friend in the world but making a friend will improve your mental health. You don’t have to do anything over the top. Just show an acquaintance that you care about them and let the relationship flourish on its own. 

9. Exercise More

Whether you are taking up a new sport or not, you should be trying to up your exercise regime. Mind and body are one, so focus on your body to improve your whole wellbeing. 

10. Buy a New Wheelchair

Lastly, if you have been making do with an older wheelchair, think about treating yourself to an upgrade. A wheelchair that is more comfortable or has a smoother ride could make all the difference!

Wheelchair Users Are Only Limited by Their Imaginations

Whatever your resolution is this year, don’t feel like you don’t have choices. Wheelchair users can sometimes feel like they are stuck and unable to exercise their own agency.

Well, use this as an opportunity to claim your freedom and do something you are normally afraid of doing. You never know, it may open the floodgates for a new and bolder you. 

So, come on, what are you waiting for? Resolve to become a better version of you this year!

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