Roadside Assistance

Tips for Traveling in a Wheelchair Van

One concern that is often expressed to me is "What if I am on vacation, and my wheelchair van or wheelchair lift breaks down or I get into an accident?" This should always be a consideration, but is especially a concern if you are traveling in a wheelchair van or a vehicle with a mobility product long distances by yourself. Consider the following tips if you are preparing a vacation in a wheelchair van, with a handicap lift, or other accessible seating product.

BraunAbility has the largest network of dealers, located throughout all 50 states and Canada.

If you are planning a long distance road trip and want to map out BraunAbility locations along the way, simply call 1-800-THE-LIFT. Have zip codes or city names handy, and we can search for dealers in that area. Armed with the contacts for the technicians along your route, you can rest easy knowing you'll have support just a phone number away. All BraunAbility dealers provide 24/7 support, so even late night calls will be answered with troubleshooting tips or a technician may be able to meet you where you are. Whether needing emergency repairs on a vehicle or any other BraunAbility product, our dealers are prepared to serve you.

You may want to speak to your selling dealer.

Many dealers cooperate with each other in order to coordinate repairs and they may have useful suggestions for you if you are taking a trip. They can also help you understand the options available to you if you needed alternative accessible transportation during your trip. In some cases, your dealer may be able to provide towing, transportation, or other financial assistance. 

Always remember that you can have your mobility product serviced and/or repaired at any authorized BraunAbility dealer.

You don't have to worry about being denied service if you are not able to get to your selling dealer. This also applies to any work that would be done under warranty. Let's say you purchased your handicap van in New York and you are traveling in a wheelchair van on vacation in California. There are a number of California dealers who could provide the same services for your wheelchair van as the original dealer you worked with.

Knowing BraunAbility products are built and serviced with you in mind, don't hesitate to hit the road in your BraunAbility vehicle!

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