BraunAbility and The LENN Foundation Support Children with Cerebral Palsy Through Turny® Evo Seat Giveaway

To recognize our 50th anniversary and help support families and caregivers living with cerebral palsy, BraunAbility and the Lenn Foundation are partnering to award four Turny Evo seats to children with cerebral palsy (CP) and their families. Through this giveaway, we hope to bring increased independence to children, ease caregiver strain, and shine a light on the journey of people with CP.

Meet our Partner

The LENN Foundation is a 501(c)(3) charity that provides grant opportunities for children with CP to receive pediatric intensive therapies to thrive in their everyday life.

What is a Turny® Evo?

The Turny Evo is a seat lift that moves the car seat completely outside the vehicle and lowers it down to your desired level. This makes it easier to sit down or transfer from a wheelchair to a vehicle. Parents will no longer need to manually lift and rotate their child into position when getting them in and out of the family ride.

The seat is remote operated by hand-held control or smartphone app. It can be installed in the driver or passenger side, and in the first or second row of a vehicle.

Supporting the Independence of Children with CP

According to Johns Hopkins Medicine, CP is the most common motor disability in childhood with nearly three in every 1000 live births resulting in the diagnosis. Children with CP may have limited mobility and many use specialized wheelchairs or walkers which can make vehicle entry more challenging.

The addition of a Turny ® Evo seat drastically reduces the time it takes to get a child in or out of a vehicle. The full process takes just 35-65 seconds. It also allows some children the ability to transfer completely independently.

Supporting CP Caregivers

BraunAbility founder Ralph Braun remembers how caring for him, as a child, affected his father. When Ralph was diagnosed in 1947 with muscular dystrophy, specialized mobility equipment was not available. He has fond memories of his father giving him piggyback rides to ensure accessibility to childhood friends and activities. But he also knows the physical strain this put on his father and the long-term back pain he suffered, as a result.

The Turny ® Evo lightens the load on the backs, shoulders, and arms of caregivers by taking over the heavy lifting and turning. The ease and safety also lighten the mental burden of stress involved in any family outing.Who Is Eligible for the Turny ® Evo Giveaway? Any family with a child under 18 who has been diagnosed with CP is eligible.

How to Apply:

The application deadline has now passed. Recipients will be chosen by May 31.

We are so excited to put this partnership into action as part of our 50th anniversary. Please help us spread the word and reach more families. 

Visit our site for more details about the Turny ® Evo as well as further information on vehicle compatibility.

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